Cozi Zuehlsdorff

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Birth Name: Cozi Noelle Zuehlsdorff

Place of Birth: Orange County, California, U.S. (possibly)

Date of Birth: August 3, 1998

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish, some Scottish and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, distant Sephardi Jewish

Cozi Zuehlsdorff is an American actress and singer. She starred in the film Dolphin Tale, and its sequel; and on the shows Mighty Med and Liv and Maddie. She was featured on Hellberg’s song “The Girl.”

Cozi’s paternal grandfather was Donald Carl Zuehlsdorff (the son of Carl Frederick Zuehlsdorff and Johanna Marie Heitzig). Cozi’s great-grandfather Carl was the son of Charles Zuehlsdorff and Caroline Gysin, who were German. Johanna also had German roots.

Cozi’s paternal grandmother was Dorothy Margaret Fox (the daughter of James Albert Fox and Annette/Anna Marie Ortmann). James was the son of James Andrew Fox, whose paternal grandparents, and mother, were English; and of Bertha Anne Widman/Weideman, whose father was German, from Württemberg, and whose mother was Irish. Annette was the daughter of Joseph H. Ortmann and Margaret Ernest, who were German.

Cozi’s maternal grandfather was Crowell Havens Beech (the son of Gilbert Crowell Beech and Katharine/Katherine Havens). Gilbert was the son of Sydney Fraser Beech, who was born in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, of partial Sephardi Jewish descent; and of Caroline M. Crowell. Katharine was the daughter of Arthur Exley Havens and Anna Rhoda Culbertson.

Cozi’s maternal grandmother was Craig Wilkins (the daughter of Clifford C. Wilkins and Mary Craig Brace). Clifford was the son of John H. Wilkins and Rosa, who were English. Mary Craig was the daughter of Napoleon Collins Brace and Mary Elizabeth Craig, whose own father was from County Fermanagh, Ireland.

Cozi is a third cousin of singer and songwriter Katy Perry. Cozi’s maternal great-great-grandparents, Napoleon Collins Brace and Mary Elizabeth Craig, were also Katy’s maternal great-great-grandparents.

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  1. andrew says:

    James Andrew Fox’s mother was English and his paternal grandparents were English too. Bertha Anne Weidmann’s parente were German, from Württemberg, and Irish, respectively:

  2. Devil says:

    3rd cousin of Katy Perry, it seems.

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