Connor Franta

Franta in 2016, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Connor Joel Franta

Place of Birth: Wisconsin, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 12, 1992

Ethnicity: Polish, Czech, German, English, Irish, Swiss-German, Danish

Connor Franta is an American Youtube personality, entrepreneur, entertainer, and writer.

He is the son of Cheryl and Peter Franta. He was raised in La Crescent, Minnesota. The surname Franta is Czech.

Connor’s paternal grandfather was Paul Donald Franta (the son of Valentine Adolph/Adolf Franta and Etta Gertrude Richter). Valentine was born in Minnesota, the son of Czech parents, Wenceslaus/Wend J. Franta and Katerina/Katherine/Catherine Barta. Etta was born in Minnesota, of German descent, and was the daughter of Edward Phillip Richter and Anna/Annie Barbara Hauer.

Connor’s paternal grandmother was Agatha Elizabeth Kachel (the daughter of Peter Paul Kachel and Martha Irene Gospodar). Peter was born in North Dakota, the son of Leopold Peter Kachel, who was Polish, and of Theresia Rombach, who was German. Martha was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Polish parents, Peter Nicholas Gospodar and Sophia Maria Konieczny/Konietzko.

Connor’s maternal grandfather is Larry Allen Nitz (the son of Arthur William Nitz and Hester Alice McCoy). Arthur was born in Nebraska, the son of Julius Henry Nitz, who was German, and of Josephine/Josefine Mary Widman, who was born in Nebraska, to German parents. Hester was the daughter of William Franklin McCoy and Mabel Edna Jones.

Connor’s maternal grandmother is Jeanne Ann Sanderson (the daughter of Robert Lorin Sanderson and Gladys Montana Olsen). Robert was the son of Robert Blake Sanderson and Nellie Edna Brodric/Brodrick. Gladys’s father, Frank Christian Olsen, was born in Missouri, to a Danish father and a Swiss mother, who was of Swiss-German descent. Gladys’s mother, Caroline Blonner/Blauner, was Swiss, also of Swiss-German descent.

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