Colonel Sanders

Birth Name: Harland David Sanders

Date of Birth: September 9, 1890

Place of Birth: Henryville, Indiana, U.S.

Date of Death: December 16, 1980

Place of Death: Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, U.S.

Ethnicity: English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, Scottish, some German, and Dutch

Colonel Sanders was an American businessperson. He is known for having founded fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken. He is the symbol of the company.

He was the oldest of three children of Margaret Ann “Maggie” (Dunlevy) and Wilbur/Wilbert David Sanders, a farmer and butcher. He was married to Claudia Ledington, until his death. He had three children with his former wife Josephine King.

Colonel Sanders’ paternal grandfather was Cyrus M. Sanders (the son of Jeduthan/Jaduthen Sanders and Phoebe Rodgers/Rogers). Cyrus was born in Pennsylvania. Jeduthan was the son of Stephen Sanders and Martha.

Colonel Sanders’ paternal grandmother was Hannah Clegg (the daughter of Alexander B. Clegg and Hannah Robb). Colonel Sanders’ grandmother Hannah was born in Ohio. Alexander was the son of James Alexander Clegg and Nancy Agnes Biggs. Colonel Sanders’ great-grandmother Hannah was the daughter of William Robb and Ann Neyman.

Colonel Sanders’ maternal grandfather was Thomas Andrew Dunlevy (the son of Joseph E. Dunlevy and Elizabeth H. Sphar). Thomas was born in Pennsylvania. Joseph was the son of Andrew Dunlevy and Mary Crawford, who were born in Ireland. Colonel Sanders’ great-grandmother Elizabeth was the daughter of John Sphar and Susannah Redd.

Colonel Sanders’ maternal grandmother was Catherine C. Clegg (the daughter of Matthew Simpson Clegg and Martha Catherine Allen). Colonel Sanders’ grandmother Catherine was born in Indiana. Matthew was the son of Richard Clegg, who was born in Ireland, and of Mary B. Simpson. Martha was the daughter of James Allen and Mary McBride, who had Irish ancestry.

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Fried chicken and Coca-Cola...

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    Confused why the Ancestry is formatted like it usually is? Should be split by parent and bolded.

    Also, there are clearly English ancestry. And Clegg and Neyman are also English. And where is the Dutch?

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