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Christine Lakin attends the World Premiere of "The Game Plan" he

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Birth Name: Christine Helen Lakin

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, United States

Date of Birth: January 25, 1979

*25% Ashkenazi Jewish
*25% English, with some Irish and German
*25% Polish
*25% Czech

Christine Lakin is an American actress and director. She starred on the ABC/CBS show Step by Step.

Christine was raised in Georgia, the daughter of Karen and James Lakin. She is married to actor Brandon Breault, with whom she has two children.

Christine’s paternal grandfather was Barnet/Bernard Richard Sakin/Lakin (the son of Samuel Sakin and Dinah/Dinnah Goldberg). Bernard was born in New York, the son of Jewish parents from Slutsk, Minsk, Belarus. Samuel was the son of Gabriel Zakin and M’Tova/Tillie. Dinah was the daughter of Joseph Jacob Goldberg.

Christine’s paternal grandmother was Hazel Helen Walters (the daughter of Purl Sylvester Walters and Grace Ethel Miller). Helen was born in Iowa, and had English, and some Irish and German, ancestry. Purl was the son of Myron Bartlet Walters and Mary Emmarillis Tippett. Grace was the daughter of Rudolphus R. Miller and Mary Elizabeth McCue.

Christine’s maternal grandfather was Robert Frank/Anthony Niedwick (the son of Teofil/Theodore Niedzwiecki and Antonina Nieszczerzeski). Robert was born in Michigan, to Polish parents. Antonina was the daughter of Adam Nieszczerzerski and Mary Aneszkiewicz.

Christine’s maternal grandmother was Helen Eloise/Louise Foukal (the daughter of John Foukal and Anna Jelinek). Helen was born in Illinois, to Czech parents. Antonia was the daughter of Adam Nieszczerzerski and Mary Aneszkiewicz.

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