Christian von Koenigsegg

Birth Name: Christian Erland Harald von Koenigsegg

Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth: 2 July, 1972

*German (paternal grandfather)
*Swedish (paternal grandmother)
*Finnish (mother)

Christian von Koenigsegg is a Swedish entrepreneur. He is the founder of Swedish automobile manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB.

Christian’s father, Jesko Harald Gunnar von Koenigsegg, is of half German and half Swedish descent. Christian’s mother, Nelly Britta Ingegerd (Aasa), is a Sweden Finn, from Övertorneå, Norrbotten County, which is beside the Finnish border.

Christian is married to Halldóra Linda Tryggvadóttir, who is Icelandic.

Christian’s paternal grandfather was Harald Heinz Bernhard von Koenigsegg, who was German.

Christian’s paternal grandmother was Karin Marianne Liberg (the daughter of Lars Gunnar Mauritz Liberg and Elin Katarina Liberg). Christian’s great-grandfather Gunnar was the son of Linus Laurentius Liberg and Agnes Sofia Charlotta Vogel. Elin was the daughter of Johan Bernhard Liberg and Hilda Catharina Maria Annell. Linus and Johan were brothers.

Christian’s maternal grandfather was Erik Erland Aasa (the son of Carl Gustaf Michelsson Alainenpää, later Aasa, and of Maria Evelina Danielsdotter Aasa). Carl was the son of Michel Isaksson Alainenpää and Maria Helena Isaksdotter Enbuske. Evelina was the daughter of Daniel Persson Vanhaniemi (later Aasa) and Maria Carolina Asariasdotter Eero.

Christian’s maternal grandmother was Emmy Elisabet Toolanen (the daughter of Erik Emil Johansson Toolanen and Anna Johanna Rautila). Christian’s great-grandfather Erik was the son of Johan Isaksson Toolanen and Anna Catharina Henriksdotter Alli. Christian’s great-grandmother Anna was the daughter of Isak Isaksson Rautila and Johanna Ersdotter Juntti.

Christian’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his seventh great-grandmother, Ella Nilsdotter Kumppani.

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