Chris Bauer

Birth Name: Mark Christopher Bauer

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 28, 1966

Ethnicity: Irish, English, Austrian, French, German, 1/16th Polish

Chris Bauer is an American actor. He is the son of Victoria and Joseph Bauer.

Chris’ father’s ancestry is one quarter Austrian, one eighth Polish, as well as Irish, English, and German. Chris’ mother is of one half Irish, one quarter French, as well as English, descent.

Chris’ paternal grandfather was Rupert Francis Ignatus Bauer (the son of Rupert/Robert Bauer and Helen/Hellen Frances Rabarczech/Ray). Chris’ grandfather Rupert was born in California. Chris’ great-grandfather Rupert was born in Austria, the son of Ignatz/Ignatius Bauer, from Clayburn, and Antonia Seigler. Helen was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of John Rabarczech/Ray, who was Polish, and of Helen Kelenschmidt.

Chris’ paternal grandmother was Dorothy G. Fitzpatrick (the daughter of Walter Peter Fitzpatrick and Tena/Fena/Lena Norbry). Dorothy was born in California. Walter was the son of a Canadian father, Jas/Jos Fitzpatrick, and of an Irish mother, Julia Collins. Fena was the daughter of Walter Norbry and Gertrude Casey or Cline.

Chris’ maternal grandfather was Gene Sherman (born Eugene Franklin Sherman; the son of Eugene Watts Sherman and Juliette Ernestine/Marie Louvre/Luvray). Chris’ grandfather Gene was born in Illinois, and was a journalist and writer for the Los Angeles Times, who was awarded the Pulitzer Price for Public Service in 1960. Chris’ great-grandfather Eugene was the son of Franklin Dwight Sherman and Harriet/Hattie Maria Walter. Juliette was born in Calais, France.

Chris’ maternal grandmother was Genevieve Marie McLaughlin (the daughter of Thomas Henry McLaughlin and Clara Gertrude Haggerty). Thomas was the son of Irish parents, John H. McLaughlin and Bridget Kelley. Clara was the daughter of Dennis A. Haggerty, who was Irish, and of Ellen/Ella A. McShave, who was born in Pennsylvania or Ireland.

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Chris’ maternal great-grandmother, Clara Gertrude Haggerty, on the 1900 U.S. Census –

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