Charlotte Caffey

Birth Name: Charlotte Irene Caffey

Place of Birth: Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 21, 1953

Ethnicity: Irish, English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, Scottish

Charlotte Caffey is an American musician and songwriter. She is the guitarist of the rock band The Go-Go’s. Other members of the band include Belinda Carlisle, Regina Schock, and Jane Wiedlin.

Charlotte is the daughter of Ann and Michael Terrance Caffey, a director. She is married to singer and guitarist Jeff McDonald of Red Kross, with whom she has a daughter. Charlotte and Jeff are in the band Ze Malibu Kids together.

Charlotte’s paternal grandfather was Benjamin Franklin “Bing” Caffey (the son of Lochlin Washington Caffey and Helen Eugenia Mead). Benjamin was born in Georgia, and was a former head of the production department at Paramount Studios. Lochlin, a noted Sergeant in the U.S. 40th Volunteer Infantry, was the son of Benjamin Franklin Caffey and Mary Evans Winn. Helen was the daughter of Eugenius Nesbit Mead and Mary Olivia Wynne.

Charlotte’s paternal grandmother was Verna Marguerite Johnson (the daughter of Henderson L. Johnson and Katherine Murta). Verna was born in California. Henderson was the son of Uriah Johnson and Mary Anne Frye. Katherine was born in California, to a father from Vermont and a mother from Missouri, and appears to have been adopted by Thomas and Mary Murta.

Charlotte’s maternal grandfather was Leo J. Gorey (the son of Robert Christopher Gorey and Ann/Annie M. Garnett). Leo was born in Kentucky. Robert was likely the son of Irish parents; his mother was named Johanna. Ann was the daughter of Andrew B. Garnett and Lucretia.

Charlotte’s maternal grandmother was Pauline M. O’Dwyer (the daughter of Frank/Francis James O’Dwyer and likely Leonora Josephine Fisher). Pauline was born in Alabama. Frank was born in Alabama, to an Irish father and an English mother.

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