Charli XCX

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

XCX in 2014, photo by

Birth Name: Charlotte Emma Aitchison

Place of Birth: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 2 August, 1992

Ethnicity: Scottish, Ugandan Indian

Charli XCX is a British singer, songwriter, record producer, and music video director.

She is the daughter of Shameera (Manji) and Jon Aitchison. Her father is of Scottish origin. Her mother is Indian, from Uganda.

Charli has said:

I grew up around people throwing the word Paki around… And they’d be like, ‘Oh, we’re going to the Paki shop,’ like a corner shop or whatever. I personally think that’s really racist. A lot of people I knew would throw that term around, and it would always upset me, not because I’m Pakistani, but just because I thought it was really wrong. And my mom actually once had an incident where she was getting out of her car in broad daylight, in the middle of our town, and these guys went past her on a bicycle and threw a milkshake at her and called her a Paki. She was so upset, as she would be. But that’s nothing to some things that happen.

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  1. LIAHtheoldertiti35 says:

    “Ugandan Indian”
    so, she is mestiza, I saw some pictures and they look like Africans and not Indians, I didn’t understand this story so they are Indians mixed with Africans

  2. Jacklyn 224 says:

    Multiracial white women are by far the most beautiful in the world.White/Indian is also one of my favorite mixes.She’s really beautiful.

  3. Jacklyn 224 says:

    She’s white and multiracial.

    Like I said,they will always be ‘white’people.Whether or not you choose to call or see them as white is your own problem but just so you know your mono racial white numbers are dropping day by day.So good luck thinking you can do without multiracials.

  4. Kimmel says:

    So, she’s mixed-race. I knew there was something interesting there and it’s a wonderful combination. As for her comments about her mother, she must have took them personally, because it was clear they were directed at South Asians as a whole.

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