Charles Esten

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Birth Name: Charles Esten Puskar III

Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 9, 1965

Ethnicity: English, Irish, one eighth Czech or Slovak, Scottish, German, 1/32 French

Charles Esten is an American actor, musician, and comedian. He is known for his work on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and on the series Nashville and Outer Banks. He is also known as Chip Esten.

He is the son of Cynthia and Charles Puskar. He was raised by his mother in Alexandria, Virginia. Charles is married to Patty Hanson, with whom he has three children.

Charles’ paternal grandfather was Charles Esten Puskar (the son of Ludick/Sudick Anthony Puskar and Mary Jane Ceyrolles). Ludick was born in Pennsylvania, to Czech parents. Mary Jane’s father, Gabriel Ceyrolles, was born in Pennsylvania, to a father from France, John Ceyrolles, and to a mother from Pennsylvania, Caroline Capp, whose own parents were German. Mary Jane’s mother, Barbara D. Walkenshaw, was also born in Pennsylvania, to parents from Glasgow, Scotland.

Charles’ paternal grandmother was Marguerite/Margaret C. Lennon (the daughter of Edward J. Lennon and Catherine E. Sheridon/Sheridan). Marguerite was born in Pennsylvania. Edward was born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents. Charles’ great-grandmother Catherine was also born in Pennsylvania, to a father from Ireland, Michael Sheridan, and to a mother from either England or Ireland.

Charles’ maternal grandfather was Lewis Bascom Fulwiler (the son of Harry Fulwiler and Lucy Alice Chapman). Lewis was born in Virginia. Harry was the son of Robert Tucker Fulwiler and Elizabeth Lavender Carter. Lucy was the daughter of James Ottoway Chapman and Annie Chappell Lawless.

Charles’ maternal grandmother was Mary Lyman Brookes (the daughter of Charles Fox Brookes and Mary Kerr Lyman). Charles’ grandmother Mary was born in Washington, D.C. Charles’ great-grandmother Mary was the daughter of Charles Huntington Lyman and Rebecca Freeland Chew.

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