Catia Ojeda

Ojeda in 2016, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Catherine Anne Ojeda

Place of Birth: College Station, Brazos, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 11, 1979

*father – Mexican
*mother – English, German, Scottish, one quarter Swedish, distant Dutch and Spanish

Catia Ojeda is an American actress.

Her father is Mexican. Her mother is American, and is mostly of English, German, Scottish, and Swedish, as well as distant Dutch and Spanish, descent.

Catia’s maternal grandfather was Roger C. Wickenden (the son of Arthur Consaul Wickenden and Ethel/Ester Frances Russell). Roger was born in Ohio. Arthur was born in Illinois, the son of Thomas Rogers Wickenden, whose father was English, and of Ida M. Consaul. Ethel was born in Illinois, to Swedish parents, Martin Reinhold Wallentin Jonsson Russell and Hilda Caroline Oberg.

Catia’s maternal grandmother was Mary Cory (the daughter of Franklin Baker Cory and Hazel Ruth Moyer). Mary was born in Ohio. Franklin was born in Ohio, the son of Franklin Marion Cory and Rosa Caroline Book, whose parents were German. Hazel was born in Ohio, the daughter of Milton Elsworth Moyer and Anna Mary Hincy.

Source: Obituary of Catia’s maternal grandmother, Mary (Cory) Wickenden –

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