Catherine Bach

Catherine Bach

Birth Name: Catherine Bachman

Place of Birth: Warren, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 1, 1954

Ethnicity: German, Mexican

Catherine Bach is an American actress. Her mother, Norma Jean (Verdugo), is of Mexican descent, and her father, Bernard Phillip Bachman, is of German descent.

Catherine’s paternal grandparents were Philip Bachman and Anna C. Geiken (the daughter of Luppe Geiken and Gesine Musker). Anna was born in South Dakota, to German parents.

Catherine’s maternal grandparents were Antonio Lopez Verdugo and Gertrude/Gertrudis Corral/Coral/Corrales (the daughter of Jose Corral/Coral/Corrales and Paula Yrineo/Irineo/Yrino). Antonio was Mexican. Gertrude was born in Arizona, of Mexican descent.

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