Cameron Diaz

Diaz in 2011, Dfree/

Birth Name: Cameron Michelle Diaz

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 30, 1972

*father – Cuban [Spanish, including Asturian, possibly other], one eighth Spanish-Venezuelan
*mother – English, Scottish, Irish, German

Cameron Diaz is an American actress, producer, and model. She starred in the films There’s Something About Mary and In Her Shoes. Cameron is married to musician Benji Madden, with whom she has a daughter.

Cameron’s paternal grandparents were of Cuban descent (with Spanish, including Asturian, ancestry); her father also had one eighth Spanish-Venezuelan ancestry. Cameron’s mother has English, Scottish, Irish, and German ancestry. Cameron has also stated that she has Native American ancestry on her mother’s side (sometimes specified as Cherokee Native American). It is not clear if this ancestry has been verified/documented. There are no Native American ancestors, Cherokee or otherwise, in Cameron’s mother’s recent and relatively recent family tree.

Cameron’s paternal grandfather was Emilio Cadiz Diaz Jr. (the son of Emilio F. “El Gato” Díaz and Joaquina “Queenie” Cabranes Cádiz). Cameron’s grandfather Emilio was born in Tampa, Florida. Cameron’s great-grandfather Emilio was a Cuban emigrant, from Havana. Joaquina was also a Cuban emigrant, and was the daughter of a man surnamed Cabranes, and of a Venezuelan emigrant, Antonia Cádiz Sánchez, who was of Spanish descent.

Cameron’s paternal grandmother was Gertrudes Lavin (the daughter of Luis Lavín García and Mercedes Duarte Alonso). Gertrudes was born in Florida. Luis was born in Cuba, to a Spanish-born father, Francisco Felipe Lavín, and a Cuban-born mother, Gertrudes García. Mercedes was also born in Cuba, also to a Spanish-born father, Manuel Duarte, and a Cuban-born mother, Mercedes Alonso.

Cameron’s maternal grandfather was William Marion Early (the son of John Winchester Early and Chloe Kendall Allen). William was born in Missouri. John was the son of William Robin Early and Emma Rozella Fusselman. Chloe was the daughter of Charles Marion Allen and Catherine Delcina/Della Babb.

Cameron’s maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Jeanette Waddingham (the daughter of Joseph Herbert Waddingham and Elizabeth Rankin Withers). Cameron’s grandmother Elizabeth was born in California. Joseph was born in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada, the son of Joseph Waddingham, who was born in North Cave, Yorkshire, England, and of Frances Anna Kels/Kells, who was born in Templeport Parish, County Caven, Ireland. Cameron’s great-grandmother Elizabeth was born in Illinois, to an English father, Richard James Withers, and a mother from Missouri, Nancy/Nannie S. Scott.

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  1. Ten52 says:

    her father was a white man.

  2. marjanel says:

    If you are so proud of being mixed, calling you Latino or hispanic is whitewashing you. Your white heritage is what makes you Latina and hispanic. Only in USA you would be the hispanic girl. In Latin America nobody would tell you that. Because that “hispanic look” is an American invention. In Latín America, people is very diverse. Also, that look that makes people saying that you are hispanic and different to the white girl are not hispanic at all. First of all, Spaniards are hispanic, so saying that all hispanics are mixed is wrong.

    • muricansrallmutts says:

      White hispanics of European face come from Europe where I live yes you hispanics are all mixed like Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders because like them you have so many different roots you hispanics are made of these: Native Indigenous Amerindian, European, African, Asian, Arab. The majority of you are dark of indigenous-african ancestry so that’s why you are known black. Here in Europe we have so many Central-Southern Americans immigrants the huge majority are dark so we can say you hispanics are blacks.
      The typical standard hispanic image that muricans know and show are the native indigenous like Jennifer Lopez the common real standard hispanic.
      White Spaniards not mixed to the huge majority of arab background have black-brown hair and eyes not blond-ginger not blue eyes not nordic they’re Mediterraneans. The black Spaniards come from Arabs who are levantine.

      • Katerina says:

        Yes, Spaniards are Mediterraneans but like other Mediterraneans aren’t all dark-featured. There are some Spanish with ginger and blonde hair, just like there are some Italians with that colouring. In the northern regions of these countries, it’s not unusual to find fair-haired people.

      • JayD271 says:

        Spaniards are most certainly a mix among western europeans. they’re not a mix like 50/50 but they have traces of other stuff from invasions more than most of the rest of Western Europe. Not sure what you’re getting at with the other stuff.

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