Callan McAuliffe

McAuliffe in 2011, image via DFree/

Birth Name: Callan Ryan Claude McAuliffe

Place of Birth: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Date of Birth: 24 January, 1995

Ethnicity: Irish, with some Sephardi Jewish, English, and Northern Irish

Callan McAuliffe is an Australian actor. His roles include the films Flipped, I Am Number Four, The Great Gatsby (2013), Beneath the Harvest Sky, Kite, Robot Overlords, The Stanford Prison Experiment, Hacker, The Legend of Ben Hall, and Summer Night, and the show The Walking Dead. He has been a National Ambassador for UNICEF Australia, as well as the Youth Ambassador of Wolf Connection, a non-profit organisation which rescues wolves and wolf-dogs.

He is the son of Claudia and Roger McAuliffe, who is an author and journalist. Two of his grandparents were Irish. He is a cousin of actress, producer, and director Jacinta John.

Callan’s maternal great-grandparents were Claude Augustus Henriques and Jessie Rita Lloyd. Claude was the son of Frederick Augustus Henriques and Florinda Lister “May” Montgomery. Callan’s great-great-grandfather Frederick was Sephardi Jewish. He was the son of Joseph Augustus Henriques, the first Consul for the United States in Australia (being appointed to his post, in Melbourne, in 1852). Joseph was born in Jamaica. Joseph’s wife, Louisa Leah Lopez, was also a Sephardi Jew from Jamaica. Louisa’s father, Isaac Lopez, was a rabbi. Callan’s Jewish family also lived in Curaçao, Spain, Portugal, and Barbados. Callan’s great-great-grandmother Florinda was the daughter of parents from Northern Ireland.

Callan’s great-grandmother Jessie Lloyd was of English origin, and was the daughter of Reginald Walter Lloyd and Mary Craw.

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