Bobcat Goldthwait

Goldthwait in 2017, photo by DFree/

Birth Name: Robert Francis Goldthwait

Place of Birth: Syracuse, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 26, 1962

*father – English, German
*mother – Irish

Bobcat Goldthwait is an American actor, comedian, director, and screenwriter.

Bobcat is the son of Kathleen and Thomas Lincoln Goldthwait. He has two children with his former wife Ann. Bobcat was raised Catholic.

Bobcat’s patrilineal line can be traced to Samuel Goldthwaite, who was born, c. 1637, in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, to English parents, Thomas Goldthwaite and Elizabeth.

Bobcat’s paternal grandfather was Frank Squire/Square Goldthwait (the son of Frank E. Goldthwait and Anna Bartlett). Bobcat’s grandfather Frank was born in New York, and had considerable Colonial American ancestry. Bobcat’s great-grandfather Frank was the son of Squire Ferguson Goldthwait and Elizabeth/Eliza Moore.

Bobcat’s paternal grandmother was Helen Agnes Krause (the daughter of Frederick/Fred S. Krause and Rose Lads). Helen was born in New York, to German parents.

Bobcat’s maternal grandfather was Edward William Welch (the son of William Welch and Johanna Shanahan). Edward was born in New York, to Irish parents.

Bobcat’s maternal grandmother was Mary Ellen Wren (the daughter of Michael J. Wren and Mary Delan). Bobcat’s grandmother Mary Ellen was Irish.

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