Benjamin Papac

Birth Name: Benjamin James Papac

Place of Birth: Simi Valley, Ventura, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 6, 1993

Ethnicity: Croatian (paternal grandfather), German, Scottish, English

Benjamin Papac is an American actor. He has appeared on the shows The Walking Dead, Greenhouse Academy, and Room 104, and in the films Rob Peace and How to Deter a Robber. He has also been credited as Ben Papac.

Benjamin’s paternal grandfather was Louis Robert Papac (the son of Bosko “Bob” Papac and Madeline/Madelyn Tomicich). Louis was born in California, to ethnic Croatian parents. Bosko was born in Herzegovina, the son of Luka Papoc and Stana Praleta. Madeline was born in Hvar, Dalmatia, the daughter of Nikola Tomicich/Tomičić and Vica Zaninović.

Benjamin’s paternal grandmother was Betty Grace Dutrow (the daughter of Benjamin/Ben Dutrow and Viola Fliedner). Betty was born in California. Benjamin’s father was born in France. Viola was born in Illinois, the daughter of Henry Fliedner, who was German, and of Katie Kohr/Kuhr, whose parents were German.

Benjamin’s maternal grandfather was named Evan David Campbell.

Benjamin’s maternal grandmother was Lois Marie Mann (the daughter of Norman/Gordon Truman Mann and Gladys Parnell). Lois was born in Greenville, South Carolina. Norman was the son of William Mann and Elizabeth Durham. Gladys was the daughter of Julius Harrison Parnell and Kindness Lindsey.

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