Bella Thorne

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Birth Name: Annabella Avery Thorne

Place of Birth: Pembroke Pines, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 8, 1997

*father – Italian, Cuban
*mother – Irish, English, German, Welsh

Bella Thorne is an American actress, singer, model, and director. She is the sister of actors Kaili Thorne, Dani Thorne, and Remy Thorne.

She is the daughter of Tamara and Delancey Reinaldo “Rey” Thorne. She spoke Spanish as her first language as a child. She has stated:

I would like to study different dance styles and learn Spanish. It was my first language but I forgot it from not using it.

Bella’s paternal grandfather was John Anthony Maroney (the Salvatore Morrone/Morroney and Rachele/Rachael/Rachel/Rachela Ceraso/Cerasa/Cherise). John was born in Pueblo, Colorado, to Italian emigrants. Rachele was born in San Pietro in Guarano, Cosenza, Calabria, the daughter of Pietro Giuseppe Ceraso and Rosa Candida Rende.

Bella’s paternal grandmother was named Clara Alverza. Clara was Cuban.

Bella’s maternal grandfather has the surname Beckett (he is the son of John Arthur Beckett and Mary Lou Sigafoos). John was the son of George Arthur Beckett and Iva Evalin “Ivy” Headlee. Mary Lou was the daughter of Sheridan Jacob Sigafoos and Rose B. Jenkins.

Source: Genealogy of Bella Thorne (focusing on her mother’s side) –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. xoxo says:

    She is basic as fuck. I guess Disney is into basic bitches.
    Miley was the only pretty one, but she’s weird af now.

  2. hesh123 says:

    Yeah she’s white

  3. sparkles180 says:

    She’s white hispanic, not white. Even white hispanics have some amerindian in them.

    • cwm85 says:

      Do you know what white Hispanic is? It means someone who is Spanish without mixture. Pure Spanish descent from Europe. To say she is not white Hispanic is ridiculous. She looks Caucasian, meaning white without mixture. No one looking at her would think she is mestizo from central anerica of Mexico. White Hispanic. Means Caucasian.

      • J420 says:

        @Sparkles180: Wow please educate yourself before spewing ignorance.

        • Tyler says:

          If white hispanics are white then so are syrians, also chinese people, lets include africans too. HECK everyone is white! You know white hispanics are separated from white on the census…because unless they’re spanish, they aren’t white.

          • cwm85 says:

            Syrians are Caucasians not Chinese. They are Asians and part of the Mongolian race.

          • cwm85 says:

            White Hispanics are Spanish you idiot! Their ancestry is from Spain that’s all Hispanic means. Orgin of Spain.

          • Tyler says:

            cwm85: You don’t know satire do ya?

          • marjanel says:

            Since when Americans census decides who is white or not.That American goverment decide to create a category like hispanic it doesn’t mean that it is a race or that some Hispanic are not white.May be Latín American countries must do the same create a category call Anglophone,then all people of English-Speaking countries are of this category.Pocahontas is Anglophone,Will Smith is Anglophone and Brad Pitt is too.Then following sparkles’s logic Brad Pitt would be a white Anglo but not white.Also, white hispanic has not necesaryly be of amerindian descent.Being Bella thorne from Cuba,there are more posibilities of her having black blood than Amerindian. Also many of white Americans are not 100% white but nobody doubt of them being white.

      • marjanel says:

        Not all white hispanics are only spanish.There have been migration in Spanish-speakng countries from other countries like USA

    • pedro_henrique says:

      Have you ever been in South American to say such ——- like that? There are a lot of people living in Brazil who ancestors were only europeans. In fact, amerindians in Brazil were a scarce minority in the country, and few people has their genes except in some areas where they were more populous. There are more people with african ancestry than amerindian.

  4. abbracci says:

    Bella Thorne doesn’t look Latina at all. There’s definitely no Native American or mestizo in her.

    • Jello says:

      Latinos can be of European Ancestry or mixed with African and European, as well as Mestizo in some Spanish speaking countries. Cubans are African and European Mixture or one or the other, not mestizo. Caribbeans usually won’t have a huge Native American mixture in their ethnicity.

      • WestIndiangrl says:

        i am caribbean our Native people are not exactly “native american” they are Amerindian & YEs some of us Do have huge mixture of amerindian depending on the islands

      • cwm85 says:

        That’s not true. Some people from cuban are all Spanish descent. Like Ted cruz father and Marc Rubio’s parents.

    • thomas1987 says:

      You can’t look” latina”.
      It’s not a dam race.
      She is a white Latina
      (Cuban side probably Spaniard Or Italian)

    • sparkles180 says:

      She does have mestizo, you can see it in her brother. Her family looks pretty different. Shes not white but she looks white.

      • qutsflyd says:

        She IS white!. What’s your deal with “purity”? If she had around 1/16 or less native heritage you could never see it in her appeareance.
        If this girl is not white then all of the Americas, and most Europe has absolutely no white people at all.

        • Tyler says:

          qutsflyed what your deal calling everyone white? A white person wouldn’t have mestizo looking siblings from the same parents. Also anyone that benefits from affirmative action is not white, that’s solely for non-white people.

    • qutsflyd says:

      Latinos can be white too, you know…
      South Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay….etc, etc
      Many white latinos and north americans have distant native heritage, but it doesn’t show in their appeareance.
      I mean, what’s the deal with Cameron Diaz and Chuck Norris, then?

        • pedro_henrique says:

          Did you knew that there are africans more black than others, and still people would say they are all black? Cuba Gooding Junior is not as black as Terry Crews. In same way, there are white more whites than others, but still they are considered whites for anyone except racists eugenicists nutheads

    • marjanel says:

      Sorry but people that look mestizo or have native in them are who less latino are.Calling them latino or the sterotype of latino is whitewashing them, latino is a white word.And for me she looks normal, There are alot of people that look like here in Latín America

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