Barbara Walters

"Julie & Julia" New York City Premiere - Arrivals

Walters in 2009, photo by prphotos

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 25, 1929

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Barbara Walters is an American broadcast journalist, author, and television personality.

Her father, Louis Edward Walters, was born in Whitechapel, London, of Polish Jewish descent. Her mother, Dena (Seletsky), was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to a Russian Jewish father and a Lithuanian Jewish mother. Barbara has a daughter with her former husband, theatrical producer and theater owner Lee Guber.

Barbara’s paternal grandfather was Abraham Itzak/Isaac Waremwasser/Warmwasser/Abrahams/Walters (the son of Tzvi Getzel “Harry” Waremwasser/Warmwasser and Bina Bilma Simkowitz). Abraham was born in Lodz, Poland.

Barbara’s paternal grandmother was named Lilly Swartz.

Barbara’s maternal grandfather was Selig Jacob Seletsky (the son of Daniel Seletsky and Bessie Seskind). Selig was born in Benyakoni, Russia.

Barbara’s maternal grandmother was Celia Sacovich/Sakowitz (the daughter of Daniel Sakowitz or Asher Leib HaLevy, and of Jenny). Celia was born in Vilna, Lithuania.

Source: Genealogy of Barbara Walters –

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  1. bearboy says:

    People say Abigail Breslin strangely looks like a mix of Barbara Walters and Bearboy. If that was the case she would be 50% Ashkenazi Jewish, 25% Norwegian, 25% Irish. BTW I don’t see it plus I am younger than both of them.

  2. bearboy says:

    well to make its go down to 23 @Bearboy is having a great night! Celebrities always make my night!

  3. bearboy says:

    I never understood the 91% Ashkenazi Jewish DNA results.

    • follers says:

      Her results didn’t say “91% Ashkenazi Jewish”. The type of test she took didn’t display “Ashkenazi Jewish” as a group in general.

      • bearboy says:

        You’re right it said 91% Middle Eastern (Jewish) 9% European (non-Jewish)

        • follers says:

          That test’s “Middle Eastern” doesn’t equal “Jewish”, or else Margaret Thatcher’s daughter is 24% “Jewish”, etc.

          Anyway, I looked at the book and all the Jews tested on that season with that test had weird results like that. That’s probably why Gates stopping using that test and used 23andme in the next two seasons, and all those tests recorded Jews as being 96%-99.9% Ashkenazi.

          And…. let’s have 27 replies to this.

          • bearboy says:

            Barbara Walters looks happy in her ethnic celebs picture and that’s all that matters! Are you sure Noam Bramson has no Polish Catholic/Christian ancestry?

          • passingtime85 says:

            Follers, one of these I’m going to buy you a FamilyTreeDNA test. Then you can observe the results for yourself and see that they are just like 23andme, they just use different designations.

          • follers says:

            Every single Jewish guest on Season 1 (or their Jewish parent) – all wildly different results of “Middle Eastern” ancestry. Tested by FamilyTreeMaker.

            Every single Jewish guest on Seasons 2+3 (or their Jewish parent) – all results between 96% and 99.9% Ashkenazi. Tested by 23andme.

            Total coincidence.

            Let us have 24 more replies to this.

          • passingtime85 says:

            “And…. let’s have 27 replies to this.”

            Don’t tempt me. I’ll argue till the cows come home.

  4. passingtime85 says:


    So, you’re not going add her DNA test result of 91.02% Middle Eastern, which I’m sure they meant Ashkenazi Jewish, and the ~8% European?

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