Ashly Burch

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Birth Name: Ashly S. Burch

Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 19, 1990

*father – Scottish, English, German, possibly some Cherokee Native American
*mother – Thai

Ashly Burch is an American actress, voice actress, singer, and writer.

Her father is American, and is mainly of Scottish, English, and German descent. Her mother is from Thailand.

According to some family trees, One of Ashly’s six-times-great-grandmother, Annie Shorey, was born, c. 1750, in Georgia, the daughter of John Shorey, whose parents were Scottish, and of Ghigooie “Peggy” Red Clan, who was a Cherokee Native American woman.

Ashly’s paternal grandfather is Jim Davis Burch (the son of Lonnie/Lanney Young Burch and Katie Belle/Katiebel Upfold). Jim was born in Texas. Lonnie was born in Texas, the son of Loranzy/Lorenzo Young Burch and Sudie A. Henderson. Katie was born in Texas, the daughter of Earnest/Ernest Asbury Upfold, whose parents were English, and of Anna Elizabeth “Annie” Kempf, who was German.

Ashly’s paternal grandmother is Syble/Sibyl Ozella Sheppard (the daughter of Henry Alvin Sheppard and Danna/Dana/Donna May/Mae Stephens). Syble was born in Texas. Henry was born in Texas, the son of Henry Delpha Bates Sheppard and Nancy Ann Lewallen. Danna was born in Texas.

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