Gregg Rainwater

Birth Name: Gregg Andrew Rainwater

Place of Birth: Flint, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 27, 1966

Ethnicity: Filipino (maternal grandfather), English, Irish, German, Scottish, 1/32 French-Canadian, possibly 1/64th Cherokee Native American

Gregg Rainwater is an American actor. His roles include the show The Young Riders and the film Street Fighter.

Gregg’s paternal grandfather was Franklin William Rainwater (the son of John Franklin Rainwater and Ida May Long). John was the son of Caswell L. Rainwater and Catherine Bishop. Ida was the daughter of Milton Long and Lucinda Elizabeth Carson. Caswell’s father, Vincent Rainwater, is said to have been the son of a white father, William Rainwater, and of a Cherokee Native American mother.

Gregg’s paternal grandmother was named Carrie Ann Wheeler (the daughter of James Wheeler and Mary F.). James was the son of Allen Wheeler and Susan.

Gregg’s maternal grandfather was named Peter B. Trajano. Peter was born in the Philippines.

Gregg’s maternal grandmother was Lucy L. O’Callaghan (the daughter of Stephen Hiram O’Callaghan and Margaret Ellen “Maggie” O’Neil). Lucy was born in Canada. Stephen was the son of Stephen O’Callaghan, whose parents were Irish, and of Maria Watts, who was of English descent. Maggie was the daughter of Michael O’Neil, who was of Irish descent, and of Lucy Laplante, who was the daughter of a French-Canadian father and an Irish mother.

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