Annabelle Attanasio

Attanasio in 2016, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Anna Attanasio

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: May 11, 1993

*Italian (father)

Annabelle Attanasio is an American actress and filmmaker.

Annabelle is the daughter of television producers Katie Jacobs and Paul Attanasio (born Paul Albert Attanasio). Annabelle’s uncle (father’s brother) is businessperson Mark Attanasio.

Annabelle’s father, who has been described as the great-grandson of emigrants from Positano, Campania, Italy, has stated:

My father is conversational in Italian and loves the country… My mother, on the other hand, is fluent in Italian.

Annabelle’s paternal grandfather was actor Joseph Attanasio (born Joseph Fredric/Frederic Attanasio).

Annabelle’s paternal grandmother was Constance Irene “Connie” Greco (who likely was the daughter of Thomas/Tommaso Greco and Mary A. Guardino). Thomas was born in Italy. Mary was born in California, the daughter of Salvatore Guardino and Concetta Sunseri.

Source: Obituary of Annabelle’s paternal grandfather, Joseph Fredric/Frederic Attanasio –

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    what’s her mother’s background?

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