Anna Popplewell

"Charlie St. Cloud" UK Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: Anna Katherine Popplewell

Place of Birth: Lambeth, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 16 December, 1988

Ethnicity: English, possibly other

Anna Popplewell is an English actress. Her siblings are actors Lulu Popplewell and Freddie Popplewell. Her uncle is cricketer Nigel Popplewell. Anna is married to Sam Caird.

Anna’s paternal grandfather is Oliver Popplewell (Oliver Bury Popplewell, a prominent judge, the son of Frank Popplewell and Nina Marks). Oliver was born in Uxbridge, Middlesex. Frank was the son of Francis Popplewell and Lucy Bury.

Anna’s paternal grandmother is Catharine Margaret Storey (the daughter of parents surnamed Storey and Richardson). Catharine was born in Manchester South, Lancashire.

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  1. FoxHamar says:

    Nina Marks was Jewish. her full name was Nina Shlain Marks. Both Marks and Shlain are Jewish surnames.

    • follers says:

      Are you sure her full name was Nina Shlain Marks?

      Anna’s ancestor is listed as Nina S. Marks when she married Oliver Bury Popplewell in 1922. There was a Nina Shlain who married a Sydney Marks in 1932. Then they had at least two children together. So the chronology doesn’t fit.

      I see that public member trees does list her as Nina Shlain Marks… but they also list her as born in 1904. As I understand it, Anna’s great-grandmother Nina Marks was born in 1890.

      Nina S. Marks (later Popplewell) could have still been Jewish, but I don’t think she was the same Nina Shlain.

    • follers says: lists Anna’s great-grandmother Nina Marks as this woman:

      In which case, yes, Nina was Jewish. I’m not totally sure it’s the right woman (though it’s likely).

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