Alison Sweeney

Sweeney in 2019, photo by DFree

Birth Name: Alison J. Sweeney

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 19, 1976

*father – German, Irish, English, distant Scottish and Jersey Channel Islander

Alison Sweeney is an American actress, reality show host, director, and author.

She is married to David Sanov, with whom she has two children.

Alison’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Stender Sweeney (the son of Joseph Patrick Sweeney and Mary Stender). Alison’s grandfather Joseph was born in Sisterville, West Virginia. Alison’s great-grandfather Joseph was the son of Irish parents, Bernard Sweeney and Jane McCauley. Mary was the daughter of John Stender and Mary Elizabeth Estep, who were the children of German parents.

Alison’s paternal grandmother was Josephine Laverne Branham (the daughter of Durward Roscoe Branham and Josephine Genevieve Benham). Alison’s grandmother Josephine was born in Oklahoma, and had deep roots in the U.S. Durward was the son of George Horace Branham and Isophene W. Edwards. Alison’s great-grandmother Josephine was the daughter of Charles A. Benham and Caroline Crouse.

Alison’s maternal grandfather was surnamed Gleason.

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