Alberto Fernández

Birth Name: Alberto Ángel Fernández

Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date of Birth: 2 April, 1959

Ethnicity: Argentinian – Spanish [including Andalusian, Asturian, Canary Islander, Cantabrian, Castilian, Extremaduran, Leonese], Galician, Basque, distant Portuguese, distant Indigenous Argentinian, possibly other

Alberto Fernández is an Argentine politician, lawyer, and professor. He has served as President of Argentina, from 10 December, 2019 to 10 December, 2023, and President of the Justicialist Party, since 21 March, 2021. He was previously Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, from 25 May, 2003 to 23 July, 2008, among other duties.

Alberto is the son of Celia Pérez Alemis and Alberto Oscar Pío Fernández Cámara. He considers his stepfather, Judge Carlos Pelagio Galíndez, to be his father. He has one child, drag performer and cosplayer Dyhzy, with his former wife Marcela Luchetti; and a son with his partner, journalist and stage actress Fabiola Yáñez.

Alberto’s paternal grandfather was Vicente Alberto Fernández Cruz (the son of Vicente Fernández Fuentes and Cristina Cruz Figueras). Alberto’s grandfather Vicente was born in Navarro, Buenos Aires. Alberto’s great-grandfather Vicente was born in Cofiño, Asturias, Spain, the son of Felipe Fernández Rodriguez and Agustina Fuentes Del Valle. Cristina was the daughter of Manuel Máximo Cruz Javier and Gregoria Figueras Anzoátegui.

Alberto’s paternal grandmother was Sara Catalina Cámara Carranza (the daughter of Teófilo Julián Cámara Varela and Sara María Carranza Cáceres). Alberto’s grandmother Sara was born in Buenos Aires. Teófilo was the son of José León de la Cámara Romero and Luisa Varela Cabrera, whose own father was from San Salvador de Bembibre, La Coruña, Spain. Alberto’s great-grandmother Sara was the daughter of Demetrio del Corazón de Jesús Carranza Acosta and Bernabela Cáceres Flores.

Alberto’s maternal grandfather was Angel Francisco Pérez Ugaldegaray (the son of Antonio Pérez Secondo and Catalina Ugaldegaray Luna). Angel was born in Castelli, Buenos Aires. Antonio was the son of Francisco Pérez Marino, who was born in Spain, and of Martina Secondo Rivero. Catalina was the daughter of Guillermo Ugaldegaray, who was a Basque from France, and of Francisca Luna.

Alberto’s maternal grandmother was Valentina Felisa Alemis Nogueira (the daughter of Modesto Alemis Mansilla and Eufemia Nogueira Ledesma). Valentina was born in Chascomús, Buenos Aires. Modesto was the son of Leonardo Alemis and Valentina Mansilla. Eufemia was the daughter of Eulogio Nogueira and Feliciana Ledesma.

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  1. Manila says:

    I usually separate Galician from Spanish, just like Basques and Catalans.

    • Manila says:

      Include Andalusian, Canary Islander, Cantabrian, Castilian, Extremaduran, and Leonese as parts of his Spanish ancestry, and distant Indigenous as part of his Argentinian ancestry. Also, add distant Portugese as well. I don’t see Aragonese, Catalan and Valencian ancestry so far.

      Here’s one example of his Indigenous ancestor:

    • Anto says:

      which makes 0 sense from a genetical standpoint, Basques are granted, they ARE separate ethnicity from Iberians or Celts from Iberia, but Galicians and Catalans? Huh? Catalans aren’t a separate ethnicity, they’re Iberians, probably the purest Iberians in Spain at this point, if you separate Catalans you might as well separate every Spanish ethnicity and forget the “Spanish” label altogether.
      On what basis do you separate them from “Spanish”, how are Galicians not to be lumped within the “Spanish” cluster but somehow Cantabrians, who are also Celts (Assuming that’s the basis you choose for the segregation) are to be lumped in??
      Again, the Basques, totally understandable, the rest, no reason whatsoeevr for them to not just be in the “Spanish” branch, both Celts are Iberians are historical inhabitants of Iberia, which both Catalans and Galicians are, denying this is just political propaganda.

      • madman says:

        Catalans and Galicians speak languages and have cultures that are usually viewed as distinct from Spanish. No one cares about alledged Celtic heritage as a basis of distinction.

        I still think it’s unnecessarily complicated to include Asturian in the ethnicity, but that seems to be just me.

        • Anto says:

          “speak languages and have cultures that are usually viewed as distinct from Spanish” Again, makes 0 sense no matter how you look at it, what ‘s even “Spanish culture”? Every region is Spain has different cultures/traditions , that’s like saying Bavaria has a different culture than Branderburg, also, virtually every region in Spain has it’s own separate language.
          “Alleged Celtic heritage” btw, not alleged, they literally descend from Celts but that’s off-topic, I just feel like educating ya :)

          • madman says:

            We all draw different boundaries. Local culture does vary, but somewhere we need to draw a line and say where one ethnicity ends and another begins.

            In this case, Galician is closer to Portuguese than to Spanish, and Catalan is not even an Iberian language, it’s Gallic and closer to French than to Spanish. For me, that’s enough to distinguish them both from Spanish. But to start separating Extremadurian, Aragonese etc. would be taking it too far for the purpose of this site. That’s my line.

            Oh, and I highly doubt you’re someone who is in the right place to educate me.

          • Anto says:

            Doubt all you want, I doubt some foreign midget knows more about my own ethnicity than I do, particularly since I have a bachelor’s on Catalan/Spanish philology, I couldn’t feel any more entitled to educate you after all the gibberish you just wrote anyways,
            Listing Galician or Catalan separately from “Spanish” still makes no sense and it there’s no basis whatsoever other than your subjective assesment, so yeah, cope harder and ultimately do as you wish, it will still be wrong, and you will still be a basement dwelling loser.

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