Adrienne Bosh

"Boardwalk Empire" TV Series Season 3 New York City Screening - Arrivals

Bosh in 2012, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Adrienne Nicole Williams

Place of Birth: Vevay, Indiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 17, 1985

*Venezuelan (father)
*English, Scottish, German (mother)

Adrienne Bosh is an American model, beauty pageant contestant, and businessperson. She is married to NBA basketball player Chris Bosh, with whom she has four children.

A picture of Adrienne with some of her family can be seen here.

Adrienne’s paternal grandparents have the surnames Vargas and Gonzalez.

Adrienne’s maternal grandfather was Thomas Gordon Bear Williams (the son of Gordon Allen Bear and Lillian Williams). Thomas was born in Kentucky. Lillian was the daughter of Henry Williams and Ada Wells.

Adrienne’s maternal grandmother is Betty Jean Easterling (the daughter of Ephraim Easterling and Georgia Ann Wilson). Ephraim was the son of William Balding Easterling and Mary Jane Russell. Georgia was the daughter of Lee Wilson and Jane Wright.

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  1. bablah says:

    I figured out who her father is. He is indeed Venezuelan.

    Adrienne’s paternal grandparents have/had last names Vargas and Gonzalez.

  2. bablah says:
    I’m confused as to how they’re related. I think Susan Chatham is Adrienne’s mother, but if she’s Venezuelan, is she adopted?

    Here’s a pic of them

    Is it possible her father is Venezuelan?

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