Sheri Moon Zombie

"Halloween 2" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: Sheri Lyn Skurkis

Date of Birth: September 26, 1970

*Lithuanian (father)
*Polish (mother)

Sheri Moon Zombie, previously credited as Sheri Moon, is an American actress, model, dancer, and fashion designer. She is married to musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie, in whose films she frequently appears.

Sheri’s paternal grandfather was William A. Skurkis (the son of Anthony Skurkis and Petronella Balunis). William was born in Pennsylvania, to Lithuanian parents.

Sheri’s paternal grandmother was Clementine Evelyn Kizis (the daughter of Peter Enock Kizis and Mary/Marie Catherine Masonis). Clementine was born in Pennsylvania. Peter was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Lithuanian parents, Kazimer/Kazimieras/Charles Kizis and Anna Valiukas/Valukas. Mary was also born in Pennsylvania, also to Lithuanian parents, Dominick Masonis and Eva Kazlauskas.

Source: Sheri’s paternal grandmother, Clementine Evelyn Kizis, on the 1930 U.S. Census –

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  1. I doubt you’ve ever been there, though. It’s like these wazzocks who say all women in a certain country are beautiful. When you visit various places yourself, you soon come to realize that a lot of people who don’t travel much generally talk out of their posteriors most of the time.

    1. One of the things you have to love about ethnicelebs is that it’s one of the few places on the internet where you would find Sheri Moon Zombie pictured and discussed right next to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

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