Paul Walker

Birth Name: Paul William Walker IV

Date of Birth: September 12, 1973

Place of Birth: Glendale, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Death: November 30, 2013

Place of Death: Valencia, Santa Clarita, California

Ethnicity: English (mostly), some German, distant Swiss-German

Paul Walker was an American actor. He was known for starring in the highly successful The Fast and the Furious franchise, among many other roles.

Paul was the son of Cheryl (Crabtree), a model, and Paul William Walker, a contractor and boxer who was a Golden Gloves champion. Among his siblings is actor Cody Walker. Paul was of mostly English ancestry, with a smaller amount of German roots, and distant Swiss-German ancestry. His ancestry included (relatively) recent immigrants from England and Germany, as well as English roots from ancestors who had long lived in New England, and elsewhere in the United States.

Paul had a daughter, Meadow.

Paul’s paternal grandfather had a boxing career as “Irish” Billie Walker, but it does not seem that he had any Irish ancestry. Paul Walker (the actor) had stated that his own ancestry was partly Irish, but no traceable Irish ancestry has yet been documented for Paul Walker.

Paul’s paternal grandfather was Paul William Walker II (the son of Paul William Walker and Harriett June Willey). Paul’s great-grandfather Paul Walker was born in Wisconsin, the son of George Walker and Anna Augusta Tilley, who were from England, with Ann having been born in Clerkenwell, Middlesex. Harriett was born in Illinois, as was Harriett’s father, Charles Leon Willey (Charles’s parents were Ebenezer “Eben”/”Eban” Glover Willey and Ellen “Nellie” Augusta Hopkins); Paul’s great-great-grandfather Charles was of English descent, and his parents’ families had long been established in New England. Harriett’s mother, Ella Pearl Clark, was from Pennsylvania.

Paul’s paternal grandmother was June Vivian Oefinger (the daughter of Alma “Elmer” John Oefinger and Elizabeth “Betsey” Idell Spooner). Alma was the daughter of Johannes “John” Oefinger, a German immigrant, from Trossingen, Wuerttemberg, and of Louisa Ann Stark, who was born in Deerfield, Massachusetts, to German immigrants, Ludwig “Lewis” Frederick Stark and Mary/Marie Rechert/Richert. Betsey was the daughter of William Hampton Spooner and Annie Woodruff Smith, who were both from families long-resident in the United States, and of English descent.

Paul’s maternal grandfather was George Milton Crabtree (the daughter of Louis F. Crabtree and Nina Letha Price).

Paul’s maternal grandmother was Viola Annalea/Ann Smith (the daughter of Lester Orville Smith and Hazel Clarinda Mitchell). Lester was the son of George Wesley Smith and Frances Ellen Newman. Hazel was the daughter of Henry Sewell Mitchell and Hattie Belle Hazelwood. Paul’s maternal grandmother’s ancestry is heavily English, with more distant Swiss-German and German roots.

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