Nathalie Baye

Nathalie Baye – 37th Annual Deauville American Film Festival – “The Conspirator” Premiere – Deauville – Deauville, France – Keywords: Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False, 2011 – Photo Credit: Pixplanete / PR Photos

Birth Name: Nathalie Marie Andrée Baye

Place of Birth: Mainneville, France

Date of Birth: 6 July, 1948

Ethnicity: French, as well as 1/16th Alsatian German

Nathalie Baye is a French actress. She is the daughter of Denise Jeanne Aimée (Coustet) and Claude Marie Charles Eugénie Baye. She has a daughter, actress Laura Smet, with her former partner, singer and actor Johnny Hallyday.

Nathalie’s paternal grandfather was Ernest Félix Charles Baye (the son of Félix Ernest Baye/Bayle/Bale and Marie Augustine Zéolie Licourt). Nathalie’s grandfather Ernest was born in Sivry-sur-Meuse. Natahlie’s great-grandfather Félix was the son of Marie Nicolas Felix Bale and Catherine Godet. Nathalie’s great-grandmother Marie Augustine was the daughter of François Licourt and Laëtitia Edmée Palmire Larose.

Nathalie’s paternal grandmother was Aline Cécile Hortensia Poudras (the daughter of Louis Joseph Eugène Poudras and Lucie Cécile Jacquet). Aline was born in Venteuil. Louis was the son of Louis Joseph Eugène Poudras and Victoire Daverdon. Lucie was the daughter of Louis Ferdinand Jacquet and Victoire Hortense Lévèque.

Nathalie’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Emile Marie Coustet (the son of Paul Emile Coustet and Joséphine Sophie Marie Jaussen). Joseph was born in Saint-Pierre le Déchansselat. Paul was the son of Claude Coustet and Victoire Deschanel. Joséphine was the daughter of Jean Frédéric Jaussen and Suzanne Brot.

Nathalie’s maternal grandmother was Juliette Eugénie Courcel (the daughter of Denis Pierre Jules Courcel and Eugénie Fanny Blondelet). Juliette was born in Paris. Denis was the son of Philippe Courcel and Pierrette Robin. Nathalie’s great-grandmother Eugénie was the daughter of Michel Eugène Blondelet and Julie Bickart, who was born in Colmar, Alsace-Lorraine.

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