Marc Blucas

Birth Name: Marcus Paul Blucas

Place of Birth: Butler, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 11, 1972

*25% Polish
*25% Slovak
*25% mix of English and Scottish
*25% Serbian

Marc Blucas is an American actor. His father is of half Polish and half Slovak descent. His mother is of half English and Scottish, and half Serbian, ancestry.

Marc’s paternal grandfather is Walter J. Blucas (the son of Peter Martin Blucas and Katherine/Kathryn/Catherine Caroline Kendelski/Kendelsky/Kendaleski). Peter and Katherine were Polish.

Marc’s paternal grandmother is Alice Phillips (the daughter of Charles Phillips and Barbara Suhar). Charles and Barbara were Slovak. Charles was the son of Georgii Fylyp and Maria Petrick.

Marc’s maternal grandfather is Elmer E. Gordon (the son of Harry Gordon and Mary Christine Long). Elmer had Scottish and English ancestry. Harry was the son of Mary Dill. Marc’s great-grandmother Mary Christine was the daughter of Elmer E. Long and Cora Mae McKane.

Marc’s maternal grandmother is Dorothy Brdar (the daughter of Rade/Rode Brdar and Katherine/Kathryn/Catherine Zetz). Dorothy’s parents were Serbian.

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