Kate Hudson

Birth Name: Kate Garry Hudson

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 19, 1979

Ethnicity: Italian/Sicilian (paternal grandmother), Ashkenazi Jewish (maternal grandmother), English, as well as 1/16th German and remote French

Kate Hudson is an American actress. She has starred in the films Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Le Divorce, among many others.

She is the daughter of musician and actor Bill Hudson and actress, director, singer, and producer Goldie Hawn. She was raised by her mother and her mother’s partner, actor Kurt Russell. Her brother, Oliver Hudson, is also an actor, as is her half-brother, Wyatt Russell, who is also a professional hockey player. Kate has a son with her former husband, musician Chris Robinson; a son with her former partner, musician Matthew Bellamy; and a daughter with her partner, musician and voice actor Danny Fujikawa.

Kate’s paternal grandmother was of Italian/Sicilian descent, and Kate’s maternal grandmother was from a Hungarian Jewish family. Kate’s grandfathers both had English ancestry, with her paternal grandfather also having remote French roots (from an ancestor named Hester le Mahieu, born, c. 1585, in Leiden, Holland, Netherlands) and her maternal grandfather also having one quarter German ancestry.

Kate has stated that she was raised in her maternal grandmother’s Jewish religion. Her family has also practiced Buddhism.

Kate’s paternal grandfather was William Louis Hudson (the son of John L./Dixon Hudson and Blanche Viola Babcock). William was born in California. Blanche was the daughter of Samuel Alonzo Babcock and Sessie Anna Holmes.

Kate’s paternal grandmother was Eleanor Salerno (the daughter of Giuseppe/Joseph L. Salerno and Theresa Maruco). Eleanor was born in Washington. Giuseppe was from Carlentini, Province of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy. Theresa was born in Pennsylvania, to Italian parents.

Kate’s maternal grandfather was Edward Rutledge Hawn (the son of Otto Delphia Hawn and Claire Estelle Johnson). Edward was born in Arkansas. Otto was the son of Aaron Madison Hawn, who was of German descent, and of Nannie Ada Hevrin. Claire was the daughter of Henry Spencer Johnson and Mary Frances Hall.

Kate’s maternal grandmother was Laura Steinhoff (the daughter of Michael/Max B. Steinhoff and Frances “Fanny/Fannie” Weiss). Laura was born in Pennsylvania, to Hungarian Jewish parents. Frances was the daughter of Menachem Mendel Weiss and Esther Schwartz; Esther was the daughter of Ignatz Schwartz and Goldie.

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      1. I used to list her as remote Dutch or something. She may or may not have a Dutch ancestor at around the early 1600s or the 1500s. Not sure if it’s at 1/1024 or more.

  1. Italian/Sicilian (paternal grandmother), Ashkenazi Jewish (maternal grandmother), English, 1/16th German, distant Scots-Irish (Northern Irish) and French

          1. I don’t think that’s right. Public member trees usually list her ancestor as the son of James Rutledge (born 1711 in the U.S.).

        1. kate hudson is jewish. her mothers mother is, her mother is and so is she…

          and @levangelista being jewish doesn’t mean being white automatically… there are also black jews! visit Israel and you will see, that your way of thinking is totally bullish*t (sorry to say that)!

  2. I will be given a low rating but whatever. I consider Jews as well as the Italians, Greeks, and Portuguese “white.” Kate Hudson, Dianna Agron, Gwenyth Paltrow, Lisa Kudrow, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Rippa, Leelee Sobieski, Amanda Bynes, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Brooke Mueller, Britney Spears, Hayden Panettiere, Goldie Hawn, etc. just look like plain old white women to me, and there’s not a person in the world who can convince me that they aren’t white.

    And F.Y.I., in the REAL world, they are considered “white.” Yeah, I will be thumbed down, but whatever. It’s true.

    I’m tired of seeing these pointless arguments. They’re boring and accomplish nothing. All you guys want to talk about it is who is white and who is not. Isn’t anything else on your mind?

    I’m not going to go up to a Jewish or Italian chick in my class and tell her she’s not white because I read it on the Internet.

    1. @livia your so right.I come on here for adult discussion and even to learn new things that i did not know.But since i came i have not learned anything new just pure stupidity and i now question how the new generations will turn out with people like these in the world.At the end of the day there is only so far when you stop getting mad and just laugh because the people become desperate and its quite sad and boring.When you get off the computer and go out in the real world these nonsensical do not come into play.So it is all good.

  3. she looks exactly like Jennifer Lopez facially so why is Jennifer allowed to be called exotic looking when she isn’t but Kate isnt since she is white and blonde?

    1. oh…yeah , you americans are nowadays much more racist to white people and discriminate white people more than black people or any other so called ”non white” people,latino,native ,asians,south asians,mixed and so on ..
      all races in u.s.-except w.people of course- can be beautiful, exotic,gorgeous-even hidious native americans or black gorillas but white people cannot be ,no.. they are ordinary people ,not allowed to be called exotic ,beautiful, exotic,gorgeous

      1. You know the drill if they white they plain and boring and if they think the person has Native of Black they gorgeous and exotic because even if they have like 2% Native like Megan Fox for example then according to some on this site Megan is not even white it`s that little bit of a stretch of Native that makes her so gorgeous,,, Even if a white person on this site like Angelina Jolie is European and no other heritage its no she has definatly something else her lips are too big or some shit,,Even a Latina girl of European heritage who is white it`s all oh ya she exotic and cute only because she has some Latina in her they don`t even know that you can be white ,asian ,black ,brown and Hispanic it not a race for god`s sake,,Some people are very rasict here and have very low iq`s.

        1. Shut up you still will get picked for all of the jobs and promotions in the corporate world. You can’t have it both ways. Now that an inkling of people find ethnicity interesting. Oh please white women have bee the epitome of beauty for years. Now you are wining because a few ethnic women are considered beautiful. Spoiled, selfish and self-centered people. Shut up and go get some sun!

        2. @metusa I fully agree, and I am not even white. I love how they are anxious to say Megan Fox is not white, but disregard the several other “white” Hollywood women who claim distant Native heritage as well because they are not pretty enough for them.

          Megan Fox is mixed because she is beautiful.

          But Anne Hathaway, Hilary Swank, Carrie Underwood, Hillary Clinton, Rumer Willis, Ashlee Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Julia Roberts, and several other celebrities are just white because they are either ugly, not pretty enough, or too plain.


        3. Of course this is true. They will never admit it, though.

          Megan Fox is a biracial goddess because she is pretty.

          But Anne Hathaway, Rumer Willis, Hilary Swank, Carrie Underwood, Julia Roberts, and Hillary Clinton are just white because they are too plain or ugly.

          Racist site filled with racist people.

  4. Looking over the link you provided us with, she says she ‘might’ have some English in her.. she also says she ‘might’ have some Irish in her, but that’s not listed..? But English is?

    Shouldn’t she be listed as Italian and Hungarian and Jewish, then? If she doesn’t state “I’m definitely English.”

  5. I saw a baby pic of Kate Hudson and she had the biggest ears i’ve ever seen!! Well, she changed cuz she defiently looks much prettier!! PEACE OUT PPL!!!!! = )

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