Tom Schwartz

Schwartz in 2017, photo by DFree/

Birth Name: Thomas William Schwartz

Place of Birth: Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: October 16, 1982

Ethnicity: German, Luxembourgish, Swedish, English, possibly other

Tom Schwartz is an American actor.

He is married to actress Katie Maloney.

Tom’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Edward Schwartz (the son of Edward Adam Schwartz and Catherine Mary “Kate” Schweich). Joseph was born in Minnesota. Tom’s great-grandfather Edward was born in Minnesota, the son of Nicholas F. “Nick” Schwartz, whose parents were German, and of Angeline/Angelina Landsberger, whose parents were also German. Catherine was born in Minnesota, the daughter of Frederick N. W. Schweich, whose parents were from Luxembourg, and of Maria Siebenaler, whose parents were from Luxembourg and Germany.

Tom’s paternal grandmother was Dorothy Bernice Herrmann/Hermann/Herman (the daughter of Gustave/Gustav M. Herrmann and Junnette/Junette Peterson). Dorothy was born in Minnesota. Gustave was born in Austria, to parents from Germany. Junnette was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents.

Tom’s maternal grandfather is surnamed Woodbury.

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