The Miz

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin – 5th Annual Boyle Heights Tech Youth Center Gala – Arrivals – Boyle Heights Tech Youth Center – Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2011 – Photo Credit: Claudio Uema / PR Photos

Birth Name: Michael Gregory Mizanin

Place of Birth: Parma, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 8, 1980

Ethnicity: Greek (maternal grandfather), Slovak, Romanian, German, English

The Miz is an American professional wrestler, actor, and television personality. He has also been billed as Mike Mizanin and Mike the Miz. He has starred in several The Marine sequels.

The Miz is the son of Barbara and George Mizanin. He is married to Canadian professional wrestler, professional wrestling manager, actress, reality star, and glamour model Maryse Mizanin/Maryse Ouellet, with whom he has two children.

The Miz’s paternal grandfather was George W. Mizanin (the son of Michael “Mike” Mizanin and Mary Uhren). George was born in Ohio. Michael was born in Austria-Hungary, now Czechoslovakia, the son of Michael Mizanin and Mary Fiaris. The Miz’s great-grandmother Mary was also born in Austria-Hungary, now Czechoslovakia, the daughter of Michael Uhren/Uhrin and Anna Borouski. The Miz’s great-grandparents Michael and Mary likely were of Slovak origin.

The Miz’s paternal grandmother was Eugenia Sylvia “Ginnie” Eridon (the daughter of John Eridon and Fira/Rafila Radu/Radon). Eugenia was born in Ohio. John was born in either Hungary or Romania, the son of Daniel/Dionisia/Dionicia Eridon and Mary/Maria Krechon/Kracsun. Fira was born in Sebeș, Alba, Romania. John and Fira’s surnames likely are of Romanian origin.

The Miz’s maternal grandfather was named Gregory N. Pappas (the son of Nicholas Pappas and Dimitra). Gregory was born in Patra, Greece.

The Miz’s maternal grandmother is Dixie Datus (the daughter of Virgil E. Datus and Helen Copsey). Dixie was born in Nebraska. Virgil was the son of John Datus, whose parents were German, and of Mae G. Baker. Helen was the daughter of Milton Fred Copsey and Anna Saloma Amos.

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  1. madman says:

    Daniel Eridon and Mary Krechon
    Daniel/Dionisia/Dionicia Eridon and Mary/Maria Krechon/Kracsun

    Fira Radu/Radon –> Fira/Rafila Radu/Radon

    I found her birthplace too, she was born in Sebeș, Alba, Romania.

  2. madman says:

    Isn’t Mizanin an Eastern Slavic surname? Rusyn maybe?

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