The Jets

Ethnicity: Tongan, as well as 1/16th German

The Jets was an American band, composed of siblings LeRoy Wolfgramm, Eddie Wolfgramm, Eugene Wolfgramm, Haini Wolfgramm, Rudy Wolfgramm, Kathi Wolfgramm, Elizabeth Wolfgramm, Moana Wolfgramm, Natalia Wolfgramm, Donnie Wolfgramm, Kelela Wolfgramm, and Tiare Wolfgramm.

The Jets were the children of Olimipia and Maikeli Wolfgramm. Their parents were emigrants from Tonga, and were of the Mormon faith.

The Jets’ paternal grandfather was Iohani/Iohanni Otto Melila “Johann” Wolfgramm (the son of Charles Frederick “Salesi” Wolfgramm and Salome Fo’Ou Afu). Charles was the son of Gustav Ludwig Frederick Wolfgramm, who was German, and Kisaia Sisifa Tuinahoki. Salome was the daughter of Pita Afu and Emeline Fuahau Kifu.

The Jets’ paternal grandmother was Salote Lasini Mele Tuipulotu Fakatou (the daughter of Penisoni Kaufusi Fakatou’io and Seluvaia Mafi and Hakau).

The Jets’ maternal grandfather was Soane Patita Ekuasi Tavo (the son of Felise Tavo Lomu and Maliana Langi). Felise was the son of Soane Lomu and Losaline Vaha’i. Maliana was the daughter of Luisio Langi and Ane Kolomaka.

The Jets’ maternal grandmother was Lesieli Fatai Mahe (the daughter of Tevita Mahe and Ilaisaane Finau Tamasi). Tevita was the son of Saimone Mahe and Vika. Ilaisaane was the daughter of Mele Latai.

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