Tamsin Egerton

F1 Party at the Natural History Museum - Arrivals

Egerton in 2011, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Tamsin Olivia Egerton Dick

Place of Birth: Surrey South Eastern, Surrey, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 26 November, 1988

Ethnicity: English

Tamsin Egerton is an English actress and model.

Tamsin is the daughter of Nicola (Hawkes) and Michael Dick. The surname Egerton is from her mother’s first husband, Mark William Godolphin Egerton.

Tamsin has three children with her partner, American actor Josh Hartnett.

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  1. ses101 says:

    Do they? Maybe a tiny proportion have but generally upper class English people wouldn’t marry Jews in the past, or vice versa. Tamara’s surname is Dick, which is mostly Scottish, and there are a lot of “posh” English people with Scottish blood.

  2. ashash says:

    Is she Jewish? Upper-class English people usually have Jewish heritage.

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