Sofia Boutella

Sofia Boutella

Boutella in 2015, photo

Place of Birth: Bab El Oued, Algiers, Algeria

Date of Birth: 3 April, 1982

Ethnicity: Algerian

Sofia Boutella is an Algerian-French actress, model, and dancer. She is known for her roles in the films Climax, Hotel Artemis, The Mummy (2017), and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Sofia was born in Bab El Oued, Algiers, Algeria, the daughter of an architect mother and Safy Boutella, a jazz musician. Her brother, Seif, is a visual effects artist. In 1992, at the age of ten, she left Algeria with her family and moved to France. She is said to be a cousin of actress Shirine Boutella.


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  1. andrew says:

    her mother’s name is Samia

  2. Alyx says:

    Is she white? why some people consider middle eastern people as white?

  3. cwm85 says:

    North africans and west and east afric ans are different. Algeria is a part of africa but there are more arabs, bebers in north african that are different from the Khan, Igob, luo etc people who are Black africans and part of the negriod race.

    • Gurrl says:

      Berbers(North Africans) are Caucasian.
      The rest of the inhabitants from other portions of the African continent are sub-Saharan Africans.

      • cwm85 says:

        Not true. Berbers are more closely to arabs. And there are more than other inhabitants than sub Saharans Africans. Arabs, minorities of asian, european and indian groups and mixed race Africans.

        • Gurrl says:

          Arabs are Caucasian also. Caucasian doesn’t only mean European exclusively. It includes South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Also only North Africans in the African Continent are Caucasian.

          Somalis/Ethiopians on the other hand have sub-Saharan African roots.

          • bleachsoda says:

            actually somalis and ethiopians have a historically mixed linage due to the back to africa migration that occurred in east africa

          • memphis says:

            Arabs have a variety of shades. I’ve met really dark skinned Lebanese and pale Palestinians. True Caucasians are from the Caucasus (Iran,Turkey,Iraq, Georgia,Armenia and a bunch of Stan countries), they are really Central Asians and are often darker complected. Amazigh are not from the Caucasus.

          • memphis says:

            Ethiopia was once an empire called Abyssinia that lasted from around 95 B.C. until 1974. Abyssinia also included parts of Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Yemen. Ethiopia was never colonized by Europe.

          • bablah says:

            Bunch of Stan countries in the Caucasus? Like Hayastan, Gürcistan?

          • andrew says:


            It might not count to you since you stated that Italian-Americans look like ‘African-Americans’ and Puerto Ricans (we can agree about the ones of Spanish descent), but Ethiopia was colonized by Italy.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Quote(Ethiopia was colonized by Italy.)

            True, but only partially and for a short time

          • andrew says:

            Yes, Italy’s colonialism was poor. On the other hand, they’re colonizing Italy (and Europe), starting from Sicily. I hope you watch what’s happening down there.

      • Samiiraa says:

        We are not Caucasians, we are North Africans. We are genetically closer to East Africans actually. North Africans are a lighter version of’East Africans, period. Don’t try to white wash us, we are not white.

        • fuzzybear44 says:

          @ samiiraa

          interesting response from you

          • Samiiraa says:

            Because we aren’t. It still doesn’t make us black though :)

          • Samiiraa says:

            And I am trolling and exaggerating sometimes because I hate people who perceive the world in black or white. Black nationalists claiming anyone who has some African dna, or White nationalists thinking that the world has only 3 races of Humans.

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Quote(It still doesn’t make us black though :) )

            I didn’t say you were. I did say the original North Africans were. Also up to about 1900 something North Africans were still being referred to as Negroes

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Quote(Black nationalists claiming anyone who has some African dna)

            Who exactly are they claiming

      • Samiiraa says:

        North Africans are not Caucasians. Most North Africans especially Moroccans and Algerians have an AFRICAN haplogroup.
        African doesn’t equal black.
        Like East Africans, North Africans are the result of a back to Africa migration.

        Indians are considered Caucasians because the share a common ancestor with Europeans, but Dravidians are not considered Caucasians. However, the Caucasian theory has been challenged with modern research. It’s completely outdated, we are in 2017. This theory is centuries old, like the theory that states that there are only 3 human races. Science and genetics prove it’s not that simple.

        It’s also simplistic to divide Africa in 2, North Africa (supposedly Caucasian and Subsaharan Africa supposedly Negroid). A lot of so called Subsaharan African are not “Negroid”. In East Africa, and even West Africa (the Tuaregs, the Fulani people) but also in Madagascar which is considered part of Subsaharan Africa, Malagasy people are of Asian descent.

        • fuzzybear44 says:


          Quote(African doesn’t equal black.)

          Well not anymore

          Quote(Like East Africans, North Africans are the result of a back to Africa migration)

          this is just my opinion here, but I think it’s more to it than that. There’s been multiple waves into North Africa. You said yourself that North Africans are lighter East Africans .I think you’ve inherited both pale skin genes from those multiple waves, with the last wave coming from the Middle East about 70yrs ago

          Quote(It’s also simplistic to divide Africa in 2, North Africa (supposedly Caucasian and Subsaharan Africa supposedly Negroid). A lot of so called Subsaharan African are not “Negroid”. )

          Interesting response again, I mean I agree with, but still interesting for me that you said it.

          Quote(Malagasy people are of Asian descent.)

          They are a combo of African and East Asian, with a little something else

  4. bleachsoda says:

    She looks amerindian

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