Skip Homeier

Birth Name: George Vincent Homeier

Date of Birth: October 5, 1930

Place of Birth: Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Date of Death: June 25, 2017

Place of Death: Indian Wells, California, U.S.

*father – German [including Alsatian, some Swiss-German], more distant French, remote English
*mother – English, possibly other

Skip Homeier was an American actor. He started his career at the age of eleven, and became a child star. He was also known as Skippy Homeier.

Skip was the son of Ruth Elizabeth and George Vincent Homeier. He was married to Della Sharman, until his death. He had two children with his former wife Nancy Van Noorden Field.

Skip’s paternal grandfather was George Penrose Homeier (the son of William August Homeier and Salome Bailey). George was born in Lordstown, Ohio. William was a German emigrant, from Hesse, and was the son of Heinrich Homeier and Caroline Wehrmann. Salome was the daughter of James Jesse Bailey and Salome Kistler. The surname Bailey was changed from Baehli a few generations back.

Skip’s paternal grandmother was Emma Barbara Zengler (the daughter of Aloysius Zengler and Sophia Markling). Emma was born in Magnolia, Ohio. Aloysius was the son of Antoine Zengler and Maria Anna Lash, who were emigrants from Hommert, Lorraine, France. Sophia was the daughter of Claudius Markling and Magdalena Crist, who were ethnic Germans, from Lichtenberg, France.

Skip’s maternal grandfather was Charles Gross Fancher (the son of John Hale Fancher and Achsah Lorinda Gross). Charles was born in Springfield, Illinois, and had deep lines in the U.S. John was the son of Charles Grant Fancher and Ann Eliza Hale. Achsah was the daughter of Alba Gross and Alathea Smith.

Skip’s maternal grandmother was named Mary Calvin Morrison. Mary was born in Missouri.

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