Siegfried Sassoon

Birth Name: Siegfried Loraine Sassoon

Date of Birth: 8 September, 1886

Place of Birth: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, U.K.

Date of Death: 1 September, 1967

Place of Death: Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England, U.K.

*father – Iraqi Jewish/Indian Jewish
*mother – English

Siegfried Sassoon was a British war poet, writer, and soldier. He was decorated for bravery during WWI, and became one of the war’s leading poets. He also used the pen names Saul Kain and Pinchbeck Lyre.

Siegfried was the son of Theresa Georgina Thornycroft, a sculptor and painter, and Alfred Ezra Sassoon.

His father was Jewish, of Iraqi Jewish and Indian Jewish descent. He was from the prominent Sassoon family, of financiers and traders. Originally from Baghdad, Iraq, they moved to Mumbai, India, and then the west. He was the grandson of Sassoon David Sassoon, a well-known businessperson, banker, and philanthropist, and the great-grandson of David Sassoon, who was treasurer of Baghdad, from 1817 to 1829, and the leader of the Jewish community in Mumbai.

His mother was of English descent, from an Anglo-Catholic background, and was the daughter of sculptors Thomas Thornycroft and Mary Thornycroft. Thomas was also an engineer. Her family were mostly involved in the arts. Siegfried was the maternal nephew of shipbuilder John Isaac Thornycroft, who founded the Thornycroft shipbuilding company, painter and watercolourist Helen Thornycroft, and sculptor Hamo Thornycroft.

Siegfried was raised in the neo-gothic mansion Weirleigh.

He was married to Hester Gatty, until his death, with whom he had a son, scientist, electronic engineer, linguist, translator, and author George Sassoon.

Siegfried formally converted to Catholicism towards the end of his life.

Siegfried’s paternal grandfather was Sassoon David Sassoon (the son of David Sassoon and Farha/Flora Hayim/Hyeem). Sassoon was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, to parents who were born in Baghdad, Baghdad Eyalet, Ottoman Empire. Siegfried’s great-grandfather David was the son of Sheikh Ben Saleh Sassoon/Sasson and Amam Gabbay/Gabbai. Flora was the daughter of Freddy/Faraj Hayim and Rifka Elkebir Gabbay.

Among Siegfried’s Sassoon relatives were also his great-uncles, Albert Sassoon, 1st Baronet, a businessperson and philanthropist, merchant and banker Elias David Sassoon, banker and socialite Arthur Sassoon, businessperson Reuben David Sassoon, businessperson and philanthropist Solomon David Sassoon, and merchant and banker Frederick David Sassoon, who was prominent in Hong Kong and China. Through his Sassoon line, Siegfried was a second cousin, three times removed, of actor Jack Huston.

Siegfried’s paternal grandmother was named Fahra/Flora Reuben (the daughter of Solomon Reuben). Fahra was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Siegfried’s maternal grandfather was named Thomas Thornycroft (the son of John Thornycroft). Thomas was born in Great Tidnock, near Gawsworth, Cheshire. John was a farmer.

Siegfried’s maternal grandmother was named Mary Francis (the daughter of John Francis and Mary). John Francis was a sculptor.

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