Shaun Weiss

Weiss in 2011, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Shaun Herman Weiss

Place of Birth: Montvale, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 27, 1979

*mother – Indian-Guyanese [Tamil, Punjabi]
*father – possibly Ashkenazi Jewish

Shaun Weiss is an American actor. He is known for his role as Greg Goldberg in The Mighty Ducks film series, and as Josh Birnbaum in the movie Heavyweights.

Shaun’s maternal grandfather was named Baba/Basil Ramcharan/Ramecharan.

Shaun’s maternal grandmother was named Sukania/Shirley Geer.


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  1. momof3 says:

    Change the mother’s ethnicity to: Indo-Guyanese [Tamil, Punjabi, other]

  2. Dar says:

    According to this interview he is half Jewish

    • follers says:

      I saw that. No mention of half, but I find it curious that when asked if he was Jewish, Weiss just said that he attended a lot of Bar Mitzvahs. His father could still have been Jewish, though.

  3. Dar says:

    According to this interview he is half Jewish

  4. Yeravam says:

    OK, he turned out to be half-Indian. My mistake.

    He’s only mentioned his Jewish ancestry in interviews, and he plays Ashkenazi Jewish characters all the time. There was no indication that he had any other ancestry besides that. I couldn’t find any info on him being anything other than Ashkenazi. Him being brown-skinned isn’t a clue that he’s mixed, since a lot of full Ashkenazi Jews have brown skin (some even darker than Weiss).

  5. andrew says:

    He looks either Puerto Rican or North African. Def. mixed-race.

    • passingtime85 says:

      Mixed-raxed is a misnomer. The countries/regions you mentioned are technically inhabited by a majority population of people belonging to the Caucasian race. Mixed-raced implies he should have admixture with Mongoloids or Negroids, or a more of a long shot, Australoids or other more rare races of the Pacific, or even more rare Khoisanoids.

      I agree he looks mixed ethnically, but I’m not sure how I feel about stamping him as having a mixed race look.

      What’s your opinion of Paul Sorvino? They always remind me of each other a little.

    • follers says:

      I’m pretty sure his mother was named Rajpatie Ramcharan, and was Guyanese (and probably Indian). Various articles mention him having family members named Ramcharan.

      BTW, I don’t know if we’re 100% sure his father was Jewish? He doesn’t quite say it in the interview, although perhaps it’s implied.

      His name was, I think, Charles Weiss, and he died around 2015.

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