Selita Ebanks

Ebanks in 2012, photo by PR Photos

Place of Birth: George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Date of Birth: 17 February, 1983

Ethnicity: African-Jamaican, African-Caymanian

Selita Ebanks is a Caymanian-born model and actress. Her father is Jamaican and her mother is Caymanian. She later moved to Staten Island, New York, U.S. A picture of Selita with her parents can be seen here.

Selita’s paternal grandmother was named Hazel.

Selita’s maternal grandmother is named Arlene.


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  1. izzybizzy says:

    I’m 100% certain she’s mixed. You must be dense if you think you can go to the middle of Nigeria and the average woman will look like her. In the Caribbean being mixed is nothing special, she’s just another mixed person it doesn’t take away her blackness.

    • tine says:

      There are definitely nigerian women that look like her and are not mixed. Maybe the features could be a bit different but there are Nigerians thst look mix and are not. I swear people are ignorant af about Africa’s diverse ethnic groups

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