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LOS ANGELES - AUGUST 27: Sarah Chalke arriving at the 58th Annua

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Birth Name: Sarah Louise Christine Chalke

Place of Birth: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: August 27, 1976

*father – English, with Scottish and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish
*mother – German

Sarah Chalke is a Canadian actress and model. She starred as Elliot Reid on the series Scrubs.

Her mother, Angela, is from Rostock, Germany. Her father, Douglas, is Canadian. Sarah speaks German fluently, and some French. Sarah was raised in North Vancouver, British Columbia. She has two children with her former fiancé, lawyer Jamie Afifi.

Sarah’s paternal grandfather was Frank Cyril Rhodes Chalke (the son of Cyril Rhodes Chalke and Ethel Dunk). Frank was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sarah’s great-grandfather Cyril was born in Winchester, Hampshire, England, the son of William Rhodes Chalke and Alice Ann Sprent. Ethel was born in India, to English parents.

Sarah’s paternal grandmother was Mary Stuart Watson (the daughter of George Kelsey William Watson and Ruth Erskine Carson). Mary was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. George was born in Wingham, North Huron, Ontario, and was the son of William Watson, who was born in Inverness-shire, Scotland, and of Mary Jane Stewart, who was from Amsterdam, Montgomery, New York. Ruth was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the daughter of William Morris Carson and Louise Perry McCay. She was of Scots-Irish/Northern Irish and English descent.

Sources: Genealogies of Sarah’s paternal grandparents, Frank Cyril Rhodes Chalke and Mary Stuart Watson –


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  1. janessa says:

    Sarah Chalke’s parents are Douglas Chalke and Angela Piper. Douglas Chalke’s parents Frank Cyril Rhodes Chalke and Mary Stuart Watson were both born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Frank’s father Cyril Rhodes Chalke was born in England and his mother Ethel Dunk was born in India to English parents. Mary’s father George Kelsey William Watson was born in Wingham, Ontario and was mostly of Scottish descent, with distant English. Mary’s mother Ruth Erskine Carson was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and was mostly of Scotch-Irish/ Northern Irish descent with distant English. Overall, I would estimate that Sarah Chalke is about 50% German, 30% English, 10% Scottish, 10% Scotch-Irish. Hope that helps!


  2. Paul. says:

    I think she should be put down as “German and English-Canadian.” As we only know that her mother is German, but nothing has said that her dad is just of English descent. It’s like with Taylor Swift. You put her down as “Irish-American” as we knew nothing else about her heritage, but a few days later we found out she was very multi-ethnic. :]

  3. ethnic says:

    THanks Nathan for the link.

  4. Paul. says:

    I love how she spoke German in Scrubs. Fave actress. <3

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