Said Musa

Place of Birth: San Ignacio, British Honduras (now Belize)

Date of Birth: 19 March, 1944

*father – Palestinian Arab
*mother – Scottish, Mayan [Indigenous Belizean]

Said Musa is a Belizean lawyer and politician. He has served as Prime Minister of Belize, from 28 August, 1998 to 8 February, 2008, as well as Leader of the Opposition, from 10 November, 1996 to 30 August, 1998, and again, from 8 February, 2008 to 30 March, 2008, among other duties.

Said is the son of Aurora Augustina (Gibbs) and Hamid Musa. His father was born in El Bireh, Palestine. His mother, who was born in Belize, was said to be of Scottish and Mayan descent.

Said is married to Joan Musa. He has eleven children, including four with Joan. Among his children with Joan is artist, teacher, poet, and entertainer Yasser Musa.

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  1. madman says:

    “My maternal grandmother was a Mayan woman from a Mayan village in Mexico, in Yucatan. A Maya lady, a short lee Maya lady who used to make tamales and I used to sell it. And I am proud of that.”

    Said’s maternal grandfather was Charles Douglas Gibbs (the son of Archibald Robinson Gibbs).

    Said’s maternal grandmother was Augustina/Augustine Hernandez (the daughter of Blas Hernandez). Augustina was born in Yucatan, Mexico.

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