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Ruslana in 2016, photo by katatonia82/

Birth Name: Ruslana Stepanivna Lyzhychko

Place of Birth: Lviv, Ukrainian SSR (now Ukraine)

Date of Birth: 24 May, 1973

*Ukrainian (father)
*Russian (mother)

Ruslana is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, actress, activist, and politician. She won the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, holds the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine, and has been the most successfull Ukrainian female solo artist internationally. Ruslana was a People’s Deputy of Ukraine in the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada) for the Our Ukraine Party, from 25 May, 2006 to 23 November, 2007. She is also known as Ruslana.

She is the daughter of Nina Arkadyevna Sapegina, a Russian, and Stepan Ivanovych Lyzhychko, an Ukrainian. She is married to record producer and lyricist Oleksandr Ksenofontov. They run the company Luxen Studio, producing film and radio trailers.

Ruslana’s paternal grandfather was named Ivan Lyzhychko. Ivan was born in Koniushky, Rohatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk.

Ruslana’s paternal grandmother was named Hanna Herega. Hanna was born in Koniushky.

Ruslana’s maternal grandfather was named Arkady Sapegin.

Ruslana’s maternal grandmother was named Lidia Gorkova. Lidia was born in Nizhny Novgorod.

A MyHeritage DNA test taken by Ruslana stated that her genetic ancestry is:

*65.8% East European
*18.4% Baltic
*15.8% Balkan

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  1. Manila says:

    Her MyHeritage DNA results are out. Her genetic ancestry is:
    * 65.8% East European
    * 18.4% Baltic
    * 15.8% Balkan

  2. Manila says:

    Switch the date to DMY.

    Stepan’s middle name is Ivanovych. Nina’s middle name is Arkadyevna.

    Ruslana’s paternal grandparents were Ivan Lyzhychko and Hanna Herega. They were born in Koniushky, Rohatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk.

    Ruslana’s maternal grandparents are Arkady Sapegin and Lidia Gorkova. Lidia was born in Nizhny Novgorod.

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