Rocsi Diaz

Diaz in 2010, lev radin /

Birth Name: Raquel Roxanne Diaz

Place of Birth: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Date of Birth: November 17, 1981

Ethnicity: Honduran, Chilean

Rocsi Diaz is an American television host, radio personality, and model. She has hosted BET show 106 and Park, and has shown her charitableness by contributing thousands of dollars to post-Katrina victims in New Orleans. She is also known as Lady of 106, Roczilla, and Rocsi.

Rocsi was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., as a child, and attended school there. She is said to be of half Chilean descent, as well.



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. caribbeanBABY says:

    Hondurans are a mixture of Indian black and Spaniard Honduras is full of color…JUST SO PPL NO HONDURAN ISNT A RACE IT’S A NATIONALITY!! …oh my lord so…there for rocsi can be considered black!!!!! ….or just called rocsi mixed…she is of mixed race with african descent so she black n therefore is liable(likely to do so or be something) to work at B.E.T bLACK entertainment

  2. come on.... says:

    Bet can do better, she’s not black, and you have her hosting a black program. I mean its nothing wrong with her, its just her race. Bring free back, she’s black……..

  3. kathleen says:

    terrence once said on 106 that she’s spanish honduran

  4. Lempira says:

    These are black people in Honduras. This is what rocsi is. She is a black Honduran. I’m trying to figure out how she straightened her hair like that.

    • afro says:

      People of african desent are all over the islands, central and south america. Why do american blacks think they are the only black people?

      • black wallstreet says:

        To afro

        That’s not really fair or accurate.While it’s true that a lot of black people don’t know about you,many do.The problem is the ones of us that do know,when we call someone down there black they get insulted and say I’m not black.They say I’m Mestizo,or I’m mixed or whatever anything but black.I mean when you have 125 shades before you get to black,you got issues

    • boobboo says:

      its tracks

    • kkathy tolivour says:

      Her nationailty really depends on her FATHERS BLOODLINE

  5. bzbunni says:

    Techinically, it is SCIENTIFIC fact that all races ORIGINATED from AFRICANS, so is it far to say that everyone has some AFRICAN in them

    • eddie says:

      I was born in Honduras to a black family.My grandmother was as black as anyone from the south. So is my father. My grandfather was not black but of indian ( from india) desent, his grandfather was actually a white english man. He was condidered a coolie. In my family some of us are very light skinned, some very black. Some look hispanic because of intermarriage, but….we all consider ourselves the same. We all consider ourselves black. There is a dark-skinned black population in Hounduras who speak mostly english not spanish and whose roots are in the british colonial Islands of the carribean. Many attended english schools in Honduras not spanish schools. Those who stayed in Honduras until a later age learned to speak spanish.

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