Rita Moreno

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Moreno in 2013, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Rosa Dolores Alverío

Place of Birth: Humacao, Puerto Rico

Date of Birth: December 11, 1931

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Rita Moreno is an American actress and singer. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for West Side Story (1961).

She was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, the daughter of Rosa María Marcano and Francisco José “Paco” Alverío. Her family moved to New York City in the 1930s. Moreno was the surname of her first stepfather. Rita was married to cardiologist Leonard Gordon, with whom she has a daughter.

Rita’s paternal grandparents were Nemesio Alverio Rivera (the son of Severo Alverio and Fermina Rivera) and Dolores Carrión Carrion De Alverio (the daughter of Jose Dolores Carrión Y Rodriguez and Petra Carrión Y Guzmán De Carrión).

Rita’s maternal grandparents were Justino Marcano Rivera (the son of Isaac Marcano and Eulalia/Eulogia Rivera) and Trinidad López Morales (the daughter of Ramón López and Justa Morales).

Source: Immigration record of Rita’s mother – https://www.familysearch.org

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  1. blue says:

    I am from Madrid, Spain , and She can not pass in my country. She has native american features eyes , colours … she is a mixed with native or taino, not White hispanics.

    • neiltennant says:

      you are an ignorant dumbhead

      we had neighbors the riveros and they were from spain and the mum looked exactly like her and had the same eyes

      she was born in spain and had ancestors from spain and france only

  2. Connerfromvine says:

    She looks like Dr. Laura lol

  3. neiltennant says:


    this woman was 80 years old at the time when the pic was taken
    not bad ! Plastic surgery or noT. she looks awesome

    plus she reminds me of the German migrants who do live in south america

    this face is very european and nothing more or less

  4. California says:

    She used to look more ethnic back in the day. She looks mostly White in this picture.

    • cwm85 says:

      She is of Spanish descent… she is European.

      • California says:

        I doubt she’s purely Spanish. She has a similar phenotype to Dorothy Dandridge, although Dandridge looked more visibly “Black”. You just want everyone to be White, you must be one of those self hating mulattoes that wants to 100% White. How moronic and sad.

          • cwm85 says:

            She does NOT look part black ok… No way when you see pics of her you think, she is black.. or part black… She looks European or very most mestiza.

        • cwm85 says:

          California why so much anger and hate and people have a right to have their own opinion there are some obnoxious, racist people on here and you are one of them. I BET you and M, Midiori29 are the same. Same hate filled language and same M.O. of trying to deny someone isn’t fully European and making everyone half black. Yes I am part black and white and native american. I am proud of them all. My mother is black and I love her to death. I am a person of color and have no issue with my light brown skin. It seems you are the nutjob that has a problem. Buzz off.

        • Camilo says:

          Puerto Rico is not an island of mulattos. We were an autonomous region of Spain until the turn of the last century. Most of our population is of Spanish and Corsican descent, since the overwhelming majority of our people emigrated from Europe in the 19th century because of La Cedula Real de Gracias, granting citizenship and land to European Catholics. Rita Moreno is very much of Spanish descent, you don’t even have to take into account her phenotype but the fact that she’s from Humacao. The further you move away from the eastern coasts the fewer black and colored people there are.

      • neiltennant says:

        she looks and looked even on the pics i have seen from her in the 50s+ 60s she was paler than the average SPANISH

    • neiltennant says:

      you are right

      she suspiciously looks more white since the 80s

      she played also more white roles since then

      but look at her face

      she looks even more pale than the average spanish woman

      i know what I’m talking of i was in spain several times

      I recognized that there are several german rooted people in brazil and argentina and even in chile who look like her

  5. neiltennant says:

    Rita moreno is a legend

    as a 20 something guy i did not know that she had a long career

    i know her from THE NANNY where she played the evil teacher of Fran Dresher. She played the role of that teacher, who was named MISS WIKORECZ. wHICH is a polish name

    but really rita moreno is one of those white hispanics. Like PITBULL, gloria estefan and maybe shakira

    last year i watched old episode of MIAMI VICE where she played a role of a english american woman

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