Rick Perry

"Late Show with David Letterman" - November 10, 2011

Perry in 2011, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: James Richard Perry

Place of Birth: Paint Creek, Haskell, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 4, 1950

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and German, distant French

Rick Perry is an American politician. A Republican, he was the 9th Agriculture Commissioner of Texas, from January 15, 1991 to January 19, 1999, the 39th Lieutenant Governor of Texas, from January 19, 1999 to December 21, 2000, the 47th Governor of Texas, from December 21, 2000 to January 20, 2015, and U.S. Secretary of Energy, from March 2, 2017 to December 1, 2019.

He was a candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States in 2012 and 2016.

Rick’s family has lived in Texas, and more generally, in the United States, for many generations. He has English ancestry, with smaller amounts of Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and German, roots, and distant French ancestry. He is married to Anita Thigpen Perry, with whom he has two children.

There are claims on the internet that Rick has Choctaw Native American ancestry. It is not clear if this Choctaw Native American ancestry has been verified/documented.

Rick’s paternal grandfather was Hoyt Perry (the son of Wayne Willing/William Perry and Alzara/Elzara Gertrude Hamilton). Hoyt was born in Texas. Wayne was the son of John Michael Perry and Winifred/Winneyfred Catherine Berry. Alzara was the daughter of David Henry Hamilton, a prominent farmer and Members of the Texas House of Representatives, and of Mary Isabella/Isabell Gaston.

Rick’s paternal grandmother was Thelma E. Densmore/Densmoore/Dinsmore (the daughter of Joseph R./Rodgers Densmore and Ollie L. Higgins). Thelma was born in Texas. Joseph was the son of Andrew McConnell/McDonald Dinsmore and Mary Alexander Rodgers/Rogers/Strain. Ollie was the daughter of Lewis Tiffin Higgins and Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mayfield.

Rick’s maternal grandfather was James Crawford/Clinton Holt (the son of James Crawford Holt and Sarah Ann Abels). Rick’s grandfather James was born in Texas. Rick’s great-grandfather James was the son of James Maxwell Holt and Margaret Elizabeth/Eliza Presley. Sarah was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Abel/Abels and Icy Ann/Annie Simmons.

Rick’s maternal grandmother was Clara Mena Brite/Bright (the daughter of William Thomas Brite and Maudie/Manevy Caroline Lowery). Clara was born in Texas. William was the son of Thomas Benton Brite and Mary Mahulda Baker. Maudie was the daughter of William Pinkney Logan Lowry and America Emma/Emaline Laura Kuenstler/Kinser/Kuntzer, who was of German descent, with ancestors from Alsace, Saarland, and Palatinate.

Rick is a seventh cousin, twice removed, of actress Robin Wright. Rick’s six times paternal great-grandparents, William Gaston (born in Ireland) and Mary Olivet Lemon (born in Scotland), were also Robin’s eight times maternal great-grandparents.

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  1. Obey says:

    Even if it is tanned, it burns the skin to the point that it will darker than Will Simth it remains white, of course. Do not look at the tone of the skin, because it darkens over time because of the sunlight. It is in his DNA the characteristics of the Caucasian person, his children will all be born white. It’s so obvious that it does not even need explanation.

  2. andrew says:


    one of his ancestors: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Henry_Hamilton

    Genealogy of his maternal grandmother: http://www.ancestry.com/genealogy/records/clara-mena-brite_156302625

    Maudie/Manevy Caroline Lowery was the daughter of Pinkney Logan Lowry and America Emma/Emaline Kinser/Kuntzer, who was entirely of German descent (with ancestors from Alsace, Saarland and Palatinate)

  3. Capricious says:


  4. black plague says:

    He must have some ancestor called
    Gonzales or Gimenez or Alvarez

  5. Check7t says:

    Actually, he looks black.

    Could see him passing as an ethnic Yoruba in Nigeria easily.


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