Raviv Ullman

Peter Pan Movie Premiere - Arrivals

Ullman in 2003, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Raviv Chanan Ullman

Place of Birth: Eilat, Israel

Date of Birth: January 24, 1986

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Raviv Ullman, also at one point known as Ricky Ullman, is an Israeli-American actor, director, and musician. He has starred on the shows Phil of the Future and Rita Rocks, and in the films Growing Up Brady, Pixel Perfect, Searching for David’s Heart, The Big Bad Swim, Driftwood, Normal Adolescent Behavior, and Prom Wars.

Raviv was born in Israel, to Jewish parents from the United States, and is fluent in Hebrew. Raviv’s maternal grandfather is an Orthodox Rabbi. Raviv’s ancestors were Jewish emigrants, from Poland, Russia, Austria, and Hungary. He was raised in Conservative and Orthodox Judaism. Raviv grew up mostly in Norwalk and Farfield, in Connecticut.

Raviv is married to British animator and illustrator Julia Pott.

Raviv’s paternal grandfather is named Edward “Ed” Ullman.

Raviv’s paternal grandmother is Mildred Schindelheim (the daughter of Louis Schindelheim and Rose Golub). Mildred was born in New York, to an Austrian Jewish father and a Polish Jewish mother.

Raviv’s maternal grandfather is Rabbi Joseph H. Ehrenkranz (the son of Rabbi Mordechai/Max Ehrenkranz and Leah Teicholz). Rabbi Joseph was born in New Jersey. Rabbi Max and Leah were Jewish emigrants from Poland. Rabbi Max was the son of Yoseph Yehuda Ehrenkranz.

Raviv’s maternal grandmother is Judith Bragin (the daughter of Isadore A. Bragin and Betty Manger). Judith was born in Connecticut. Isadore was born in Connecticut, the son of Russian Jewish parents, Wolfe Bragin and Theresa Neafach. Betty was born in Connecticut, the daughter of Yusseff/Joseph Manger and Maly “Minnie” Sandhaus, who were Austrian Jewish emigrants, from Putilla in Bukovina, and Stansvsty, respectively.

Raviv’s great-great-grandfather Yusseff was the son of Menasha Manger and Freyda. Raviv’s great-great-grandmother Maly was the daughter of Benjain/Benyomin Tzvi Halevi Sandhaus and Frieda/Freyda Teller, who were Hungarian Jews.

Raviv’s great-great-grandparents Yusseff and Maly were also the maternal grandparents of politician and lawyer Joe Lieberman, who was a U.S. Senator from Connecticut, from January 3, 1989 and January 3, 2013, and was the first Jewish major party nominee for Vice President of the United States, in 2000. Raviv and Senator Lieberman were first cousins, twice removed.

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    wait, I thought his name was Ricky Ullman?

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    He looks like a young Sean Astin. Incidentally, he’s also Jewish.

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    his surname is swedish

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