Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland

Birth Name: Olof Daniel Westling

Place of Birth: Örebro Hospital, Örebro, Sweden

Date of Birth: 15 September, 1973

Ethnicity: Swedish, some Forest Finn

Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland, also known as Olof Daniel Westling Bernadotte, is the husband of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, with whom he has two children.

He is the son of Anna Kristina Eva Westring and Olle Gunnar Westling, who is a Bachelor of Social Services and municipal civil servant. His father has Forest Finn ancestry, and is a leader in the community. Many of his ancestors were farmers in Hälsingland.

Prince Daniel’s paternal grandfather was Anders Westling (the son of Anders Andersson and Brita Westling). Prince Daniel’s grandfather Anders was born in Acktjära, Hanebo, Gävleborg. Prince Daniel’s great-grandfather Anders was the son of Anders Andersson and Karin Hansdotter. Brita was the daughter of Nils Westling and Margta Jansdotter.

Prince Daniel’s paternal grandmother was Frida Berta Elisabet Borg (the daughter of Anders Erik Borg and Anna Båth). Frida was born in Segersta, Gävleborg. Anders was the son of Nils Larsson Borg and Margta Andersdotter. Anna was the daughter of Johan Erik Båth and Karin Nilsdotter.

Prince Daniel’s maternal grandfather was John Einar Westring (the son of Johan Gregorius Westring and Anna Samuelsdotter). Prince Daniel’s grandfather John was born in Arbrå. Prince Daniel’s great-grandfather Johan was the son of Johan Westring and Anna Håkansdotter Wiklund. Prince Daniel’s great-grandmother Anna was the daughter of Samuel Samuelsson and Kerstin Mårtensdotter.

Prince Daniel’s maternal grandmother was Nanny Birgitta Hugg (the daughter of Johan Teodor Hugg and Kristina Jonsdotter). Nanny was born in Bollnäs Municipality. Johan was the son of Johannes Hugg and Brita Eriksdotter. Kristina was the daughter of Jonas Jonsson and Anne Eriksdotter.

Source: Genealogy of Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland –

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  1. leojainen says:

    According to this article he is of Forest Finnish descent:

    It even says “Prins Daniels far, Olle Westling, är en av de mest kända ättlingarna till skogsfinnar.” which translates to “Prince Daniel’s father, Olle Westling, is one of the most famous descendents of the Forest Finns”

  2. Manila says:

    Do you have any picture of him?

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