Pedro Pascal

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - HBO Afterparty - Arrivals

Pascal in 2015, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal

Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile

Date of Birth: April 2, 1975

Ethnicity: Chilean – including Spanish [Andalusian, Asturian, Canary Islander, Castilian, Catalan, Extremaduran, Galician], Basque, Indigenous, 1/16th French, 1/64th Welsh, remote Portuguese, as well as Argentinian, Bolivian, Mexican, Panamanian, Peruvian

Pedro Pascal is a Chilean-American actor. His roles include the shows Game of Thrones, Narcos, The Mandalorian, and The Last of Us, and the films The Adjustment Bureau, Bloodsucking Bastards, The Great Wall, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Prospect, The Equalizer 2, If Beale Street Could Talk, Triple Frontier, Wonder Woman 1984, We Can Be Heroes, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and The Bubble. In his early work, he was credited as Pedro Balmaceda and Alexander Pascal.

Pedro was born in Santiago, Chile, the son of Verónica Pascal Ureta, a child psychologist, and José Pedro Balmaceda Riera, a fertility doctor. His family was upper-class. He has deep roots in Latin America, particularly Chile. His father’s surname, Balmaceda, is Basque. His mother’s surname, Pascal, originates with a French maternal great-great-grandfather.

Pedro is a maternal second cousin, once removed, of Chilean Marxist dissident Andrés Pascal Allende, who was leader of the militant left Movement of the Revolutionary Left. Andrés was a nephew of Chilean President Salvador Allende, to whom Pedro is not directly related. Pedro’s parents were supporters of Salvador, and left the country after his murder and the arrival of the military dictatorship of ruler Augusto Pinochet; they sought refugee in the Venezuelan embassy in Santiago nine months after Pedro’s birth, later moving to Denmark, and then to the U.S. Pedro spent much of his childhood in Orange County, California and San Antonio, Texas. In 1995, his father was indicted by a federal grand jury for malfeasance at his fertility clinic, and most of the family returned to Chile.

His sister is actress and transgender activist Lux Pascal, who is mostly active in Chile.

Pedro’s paternal grandfather was José Balmaceda Bergasa (the son of Paulino Balmaceda and Petronila Bergasa). José was born in Valparaíso.

Pedro’s paternal grandmother was Juanita/Juana Riera Bauzá (the daughter of Melchor Riera Caldentey and Juana Bauzá Bauzá). Melchor was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the son of Melchor Riera and Juana Caldentey. Juana was the daughter of Guillermo Bauzá and Sebastiana Bauzá.

Pedro’s maternal grandfather was Luis Eduardo Gastón Pascal Vigil (the son of Luis Eduardo Armando Pascal Valdés and Inés Vigil Olate). Pedro’s grandfather Luis was born in Viña del Mar, Valparaíso Province, Valparaiso, Chile. Pedro’s great-grandfather Luis was born in San Pedro de Tacna, Tacna, Peru, the son of Pierre Gastón Pascal Thierry, who was born in Bayonne, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Aquitaine, France, and of Leonor Valdés/Valdéz Vizcarra, who was Peruvian. Pedro’s great-grandmother Inés was born in Valparaíso, the daughter of Eduardo Vigil Zañartu and María Josefa Sabina Olate Aldunate.

Pedro’s maternal grandmother was Carmen Ureta Varas (the daughter of Federico Guillermo Ureta Cox and Olga Varas Izquierdo). Carmen was born in Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile. Federico was the son of Raimundo Ureta Echazarreta and Adelina Cox Méndez, whose own grandfather, Agustín Nathaniel Miers Cox Lloyd, was Welsh, from Grosmont, Monmouthshire, and was a prominent doctor. Olga was the daughter of Francisco Javier Varas Pérez and Remedios Izquierdo Varas.

Pedro is a fourth cousin of Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín. Pedro’s maternal great-great-great-grandparents, Tadeo Izquierdo Izquierdo and Remedios Varas Guzmán, were also Pablo’s maternal great-great-great-grandparents.


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  1. Oaken05 says:

    So, all of the the constant postings with “——-” are just racial & ethnic slurs, right?

  2. muricansareallmutts says:

    @andrew Haha with such giant odd —- his papi looks mestizo and a gypsy not Euro

    But evidently for you — —– but Hispanic him and his relatives are clearly white you ——— ——- clown! Accept your real race — ——— are —– in Europe like every non —–.
    Lol a —– like — who’s imply a Euro folk isn’t Euro you mistake the real —— of the research SPANIARDS and PORTUGUESE who have the most ancient deeply non European background.
    Then Sardinians like all Southern Italians are a mix of Arabs and Northern Spaniards I’m a Berid from Northern Spaniard settlers and my face is European I must say to be white mustn’t claim to be a ——- —- — can’t switch out races hehe.
    Hahaha you can only still keep to dreaming to have a —- face!

  3. jonasbttencourt says:

    Looks fresh out of boat from the Basque country. To me, is basically impossible that this man has anything other than “pure” spaniard blood, especially basque(ok i know they are technically their own people, but it’s more cultural today i assume, very hard to believe they don’t mix with people from other places in that region). He looks very northern iberian, he is the classic latin american “playboy”, the brazillian, argentinian, and chilean elite circles are full of Pedro Pascals… I can definitely picture native chileans seeing him as “colonial trash”, i guess that’s why he says all around that his parents were socialist refugees lol… Don’t understand why North Americans and northwestern europeans can’t accept that there’s also white people in southern europe and South America and that “hispanic/latino” is not an ethnicity, it’s so obvius for at least 70% of the world.

    • andrew says:

      Well, I like how you know a thing or two about Latin America.

      I can’t find the review I wanted atm, but if you have watched the movie “Y tu mama, tambien”, it was criticized for casting two “too white” protagonists, not representative of real Mexico.

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        Well, i guess the casting was in line with the movie’s plot and setting, after all it’s clear that the director wanted to portray a mexican version of “white people’s problems”, that we see in so many american family dramas, and Afonso himself stated that the movie was kinda based on his teenage years, and he is a typical upper class spanish-mexican, so i assume it’s part of the social comentary. btw García Bernal is not what i would call “too white” for a lead role in a latin american movie, he’s at least one quarter indignous if i remember correctly, and he looks like it. Luna is very likely full white, but again, nothing out of line with the movie’s plot and setting, he looks typically white mexican, a legit “playboy” type, his features are not uncommon on Mexico City’s private schools, and i can definitely picture him on a classic “rich prick” role in a mexican telenovela lol…

    • CoolBeANs says:

      What you’re talking about??? Of course Hispanic/Latino is a race. How would you consider people like George Lopez or Jennifer Lopez??? What’s the name of their race, eeehhh??? And this man is clearly not fully white. Maybe he has some white DNA, but there’s no way he’s fully white. You maybe consider him white in your country because he’s a little less indigenous, but there’s no way he could pass as a white guy in the US.

      • andrew says:

        I suppose he passed as a white guy in high school.

      • Jason 7 says:

        Hispanic isn’t a “race,” but mestizo is, and George + Jennifer Lopez are both a mixture of Spanish (mostly white European with an Arab/Berber admixture) Indigenous amerindian (Taino in the case of Jennifer) and subsaharran west central African.

        • CoolBeANs says:

          Yeah right Jennifer Lopez and George Lopez have white European blood..Sure!! If by that you mean Spanish European blood, n.1 I doubt they have any Native European blood, n.2 people from Spain are not white. Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem are clearly not white people. Hispanic is a race and if you don’t think so you’re just in denial

          • Jason 7 says:

            Suggesting that Spaniards are not white is akin to suggesting that Italians, Portuguese, Greeks, Albanians and Romanians are not white. The only thing that would make any native Spaniard anything but white would be the arab and berber admixture which occured during the middle ages. Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are white, mediteranian white but still as white and then some as any southern Italian for example.

            The United States census Bureau defines “white” as: “A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa”

            Also, look up George Lopez DNA test

        • andrew says:

          Il solito campionario di frasi a casaccio, come un pappagallo che ripete.”I’m a Southern Italian from Italy in Europe born and grew up here of real ancient Northern Spaniard root” (?!).

          Speriamo che non vai su altri siti a scrivere le stesse scemenze, sardignola complessata.

      • abcz1239 says:

        He is clearly a white man, you’re just mad… By the way Hispanic and Latino they’re both words which originate in Europe, the actual/original Hispanics and Latin people are white.

        • abcz1239 says:

          in Europe due to European history*, (just to be more clear)… It is as easy as reading some history and not making a fool of yourself.

        • peekaboo mewmew-ricans says:

          ROTFL no indigenous European is like him you’re the one mad to state it!
          Go to Europe and see how we Europeans are for real and stop to Europeanize every Hispanics/non-Europeans like him you’re annoying.
          The actual Hispanics are the mixed ones from Central-South America not the original white Europeans from Iberia from Spain and Portugal. Don’t say rubbish.

  4. NOTREALLY says:

    Is this map considered of colour in the US? I just see a white man lol

      • ashash says:

        He is a “man of color” to many. I am baffled when they say this. His parents are both white and so is he. Like Ana de Armas, two of his grandparents were directly from Spain.

        • andrew says:

          So mid-upper class Chilean dude is a man of color in US?

          His parents are both doctors. It means their families are rich because only wealthy people go to university in Latin America.

          If you read his grandfather bio, he attended posh schools and circles.

          I am pretty sure he was somehow related to:

          This is how things go in Latin America. Most of those who make Hollywood belong to their countries élites.

          • ashash says:

            In the U.S., people think Hispanic and Latino is a race. Popular sites such as Variety have referred to Antonio Banderas and Anya Taylor-Joy as “people of color.” Of course there was backlash, but it seems a good deal of the population genuinely think it is a race. They even refer to white dudes like Pedro as “white-passing.” It’s absurd. There is a lot of cognitive dissonance going on.

            The Hispanic and Latino “race” is actually a triracial or European/Native American person. Sometimes it includes people who “look Mediterranean” like Jordana Brewster, Ana de Armas, and Camilla Belle as well. “Looking Mediterranean” just means olive skin and dark hair.

          • andrew says:

            Because the Hispanic/Latino thing is also much about the marketing side of it.

            Anyway a sizeable part of U.S. (SW) has historical ties to this culture, and it’s somehow popularly underrated.

          • NOTREALLY says:

            I remember when he was in Wonder woman, they made his character somewhat blonde(ish) and I recall readin an article from some American news outlet saying they “white washed him” as if his natural colour wasn’t already light brown lmao
            they legit just lightened his hair slightly at most
            I swear, some Americans still possess the remnants of that “blue eye blonde hair=real white” type of Nazi rethoric and they don’t even realise it
            anyways Pascal is an amazing actor and I didn’t realise his grandmother was from the very place I live

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Me as a real Euro from Europe I see instantly his nose so thick and — to be ———- this nose is typically of the “white” from the New World countries the —- ones who are super mixed to other non-Euro races — always have this exagerrated nose like the rest of the features.
            Prabably the child wasn’t him but someone else considering that now as adult is fully Hispanic and part Amerindian.
            He’s never been white means European.

          • anen87 says:

            @muricansareallmutts Wow you outright discredit it as fake & it can’t be him it’s some other kid lol wtf. There is a reason why I linked that specific pic because of naysayers like you. It’s a screenshot of his sister’s account tagging him and him commenting on it, so we know its Real. Here a family pic of him with his two younger brothers who are also born blonde.


            LOL many Latinos are born blonde, get over it. You sound salty about it. FYI Sofia Vergara & Javier Bardem were also blonde kids. Blonde hair is not special or unique to one specific ethnicity I know its hard for neo-nazi Americans & Europeans like yourself to grasp.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Roftl the huge majority of ——— the —– and the ones “white” part Euros cause they’re not fully white are brown-black haired and eyed I see it on the — many Hispanics who live here in Europe cause the majority of them are fully Natives and mestizo and the “white” mainly Euros who are the minority come mostly from Spaniards who are dark haired and dark eyed.
            He and the others Hispanics you mentioned never been Euros and in fact still don’t look it their faces aren’t like — — Europeans like their olive skin typcal of non white especially of Arabs.
            Have light hair, eyes and skin natural or fake due to dying, contacts and bleaching don’t means to be automatically Europeans features —– mostly again I tell ya the “white” folks from the New world countries generally have —- —- —– faces so different to — —– cause —/—- are very mixed to — —– also who give —/—- non white shapes but for — and —- ——/——- fully————— white and the whitest of the white hahaha!!
            If they had for real light hair as children their faces were non-Euros I spot straight —- the nose on Pascal.
            Don’t dare to teach me how — —– means Europeans are. For — —– Hispanics aren’t white cause they’re not —– and the fake white are just a part not totally.
            Why — ——— have so much trouble to accept your — race instead to reject it and claim to be the Euros you’re — — —– aren’t so intolerants and super nazi-racists like muricans and the others —–. And why we Euros must —— Hispanics, the fake white and others —– and mixed as they’re identical to us considering ya-they don’t have nothing in —— to — not the race, not the ——-, an —– identity just cause you and they ——- ———– like us?
            That’s the reality not racism biologically we’re ——— and ——–.

          • andrew says:

            Pedro took his nose from his father, who looks like a Central European actually.

            Though sold now as a Hispanic/Latino actor, he was a blondish-haired boy known an “Peter Balmaceda” in his youth.

            “muricansareallmutts” do you have Internet? Yes if you troll here. So Google his family members.

            They are a classic Latin American mid-upper class family, and they look pretty much white.

            Also your ‘I’m Europe’ claim is kinda ridiculous. Sardinians are studied by anthropologists because they are actually outliers in the European people spectrum lol.

          • anen87 says:

            I don’t argue with neo-nazi Europeans like yourself because you are all about purity race and Your “White” bla bla bla. Just to avoid problems I’m going to refrain from using the term “white” and going to say “caucasian”. My whole point of my post is poking fun of how Americans/hollywood like to depict caucasian high-class Latinos like Pedro Pascal and paint them as poor brown indian kids from Latin American when they are not! Most model/actor/high-class Latinos are caucasian and were even blonde as kids.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            The “Caucasian” Hispanics aren’t Euros only ethnics ——- —– and —— like every ———. There are rare Aboriginals on blond hair it doesn’t mean they’re —– the rest of their colors and features are the opposite of — Europeans.
            That stereotype is so true — ——— are —– and —- as fck.
            — ——— must learn that your concept of whiteness is upside-down like in the rest of the New world countries like in — for you only white skin and light colors mean to be European but it’s false cause features worth you never have been to Europe and you don’t know how — Euros are made for real the “white” in Latino countries/Usa extc. are mixed non-white in Europe.

          • anen87 says:

            @muricansareallmutts Learn what caucasian means it encompasses people outside of Europe. Besides nobody here was talking about “Euros” LOL Europe is tiny, American Continent is the best SOOOO MUCH SPACE here it’s awesome. You can go away now. Also your English sucks.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Hahaha the ——- are two toilets plenty of diarrhea of no history and culture except Central-South ——- that it’s still a hell hehe you can’t speak a second language and can’t be —– you suppose Hispanics are white and Nordic looool.

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