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Pablo Larraín – 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards – Arrivals – Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Julian Blythe/HNW /

Birth Name: Pablo Larraín Matte

Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile

Date of Birth: August 19, 1976

Ethnicity: Chilean [Spanish, Basque, as well as 1/64th English, 1/64th Italian, distant French], distant Spanish-Argentinian

Pablo Larraín is a Chilean filmmaker. He has directed the films No (2012), Jackie (2016), and Spencer (2021), among others.

Pablo is the son of politician Magdalena Matte (Magdalena Matte Lecaros) and lawyer, university lecturer, and politician Hernán Larraín Fernández. His father has been Minister of Justice and Human Rights, since March 11, 2018; he has also been President of the UDI (Unión Demócrata Independiente), a right-wing party, from July 1, 2006 to July 5, 2008, and again, from April 11, 2015 to January 7, 2017; and was President of the Senate of Chile, from March 16, 2004 to March 11, 2005. His mother was Minister of Housing and Urban Development, from 11 March, 2010 to 19 April, 2011. Among his siblings are politician Hernán Larraín Matte, who has been a Member of the Constitutional Convention of Chile, since 4 July, 2021, and President of Political Evolution, from 6 May, 2018 to 19 July, 2020; and Juan de Dios Larraín, who has worked in film production.

Pablo has two children with his former wife, Chilean actress Antonia Zegers.

Some of Pablo’s Spanish roots are in Navarre and Santander, Cantabria. His English great-great-great-great-grandfather was from York. His Italian Alessandri family has Piedmontese roots. The progenitor of that line, Giuseppe Pietro Alessandri Tarzi, arrived in 1821 as consul posterior, representative of the Kingdom of Sardinia and Piedmont, from Pisa.

Pablo’s paternal grandfather was Hernán Larraín Rios (the son of Vicente Jorge Larraín Rojas and María Ríos Talavera). Hernán was born in Santiago, Chile. Vicente was the son of Manuel Larraín Pérez and Emilia Rojas Lois. María was the daughter of Rosendo Ríos Jaramillo and Teresa Talavera Appleby.

Pablo’s paternal grandmother was María Eliana Fernández Beraud (the daughter of Arturo Fernández Montalva and Ema Beraud Cuevas). María was born in Santiago, Chile. Arturo was the son of Ricardo Fernández Frías and Victoria Montalva Martínez de la Torre.

Pablo’s maternal grandfather was Arturo Matte Alessandri (the son of Arturo Matte Larraín and Rosa Ester/Esther Alessandri Rodríguez). Pablo’s grandfather Arturo was born in Santiago, Chile. Pablo’s great-grandfather Arturo was a presidential candidate, lawyer, congressman, and a Minister of the State. Arturo was the son of Domingo Matte Pérez and Javiera Larraín Bulnes. His siblings, Pablo’s great-great-aunt and great-great-uncle, respectively, were Esther Matte Alessandri, a poet, and Luis Matte Larraín, who was Minister of Agriculture of Chile, from 1927 to 1931. The brothers founded CMPC, a Chilean forestal and paper company, one of the biggest in Latin America.

Pablo’s great-grandmother Rosa Alessandri was the daughter of Arturo Alessandri (Arturo Fortunato Alessandri Palma) and Rosa Ester Rodríguez Velasco. Pablo’s great-great-grandfather Arturo was born in Longaví, Chile, and served as President of Chile, from 23 December, 1920 to 23 September, 1924, again, from 20 March, 1925 to 1 October, 1925, and again, from 24 December, 1932 to 24 December, 1938. He had partial Italian ancestry. Pablo’s great-grandmother Rosa’s brothers, Pablo’s great-great-uncles, were Jorge Alessandri (Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez), who also served as President of Chile, from 3 November, 1958 to 3 November, 1964, as well as Minister of Finance, from 2 August, 1947 to 7 February, 1950; and Fernando Alessandri (Fernando Alessandri Rodríguez), who served as President of the Senate of Chile, from 1950 to 1958.

Pablo’s maternal grandmother was María Teresa Lecaros Izquierdo (the daughter of José Antonio Lecaros Barros and Teresa Izquierdo Valdés). Pablo’s grandmother Maria Teresa was born in Santiago, Chile. José was the son of Pablo José Ruperto Lecaros Valdés and Rosalía Barros Fuenzalida. Pablo’s great-grandmother Teresa was the daughter of Tadeo Izquierdo Varas and María Teresa Valdés Lecaros.

Pablo is a fourth cousin of Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal. Pablo’s maternal great-great-great-grandparents, Tadeo Izquierdo Izquierdo and Remedios Varas Guzmán, were also Pedro’s maternal great-great-great-grandparents.

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  1. andrew says:

    He has five siblings, among whom film producer Juan de Dios Larraín and politician Hernán Larraín Matte

  2. andrew says:

    He also has some, or distant, French ancestry on his paternal “Beraud” line.

    It’s worth mentioning his wife’s family is the notable “Zegers”, which is of Belgian Flemish origin ( actor Santiago Cabrera and soccer coach Manuel Pellegrini are among their descendants too)

  3. andrew says:


    * his father has served as President of the Senate of Chile from 2004 to 2005, and he’s the current President of Unión Demócrata Independiente, a Chilean right-wing party, since 2006
    * his mother has served as Chile’s Ministry of Housing & Urbanism from 2010 to 2014
    * Arturo Matte Alessandri’s sister, Esther Matte Alessandri, was a poet
    * Arturo Matte Larraín served as Minister of Finance of Chile from 1943 to 1944 and was presidential candidate in 1952
    * Arturo Matte Larraín’s brother, Luis Matte Larraín, was a also politician. He served as Minister of Agriculture of Chile from 1927 to 1931. The two Matte brothers are the founders of CMPC, a Chilean forestry and paper company, which is one of the biggest in Latin America
    * Pablo’s maternal great-grandmother’s brother, Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez, served as President of Chile from 1958 to 1964.
    * Jorge’s brother, Fernando Alessandri, served as President of the Senate of Chile from 1950 to 1958

    The “Matte” family is of Catalan origin and “Alessandri” family has Piedmontese roots and not Tuscan. The progenitor is Giuseppe Pietro Alessandri Tarzi. He arrived in 1821 as consul posterior, representative of the Kingdom of Sardinia and Piedmont, on a ship that departed from Pisa.

    • andrew says:

      Ethnicity: Chilean (Basque, Spanish, 1/64 English, 1/64 Italian), distant Spanish-Argentinian.

      Wikipedia must be wrong about the Catalan origin of Matte family. “Matte Group” is an industrial conglomerate with interests in banking, transport, telecommunication, plastics and agricultural sectors.

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