Paulo Betti

Birth Name: Paulo Sérgio Betti

Place of Birth: Rafard, São Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth: 8 September, 1952

Ethnicity: Italian

Paulo Betti is a Brazilian stage, film, and television actor.

All four of Paulo’s grandparents were Italian. He has two daughters with his former wife, actress Eliane Giardini; and a son with his former wife, actress Maria Ribeiro.

Paulo’s paternal grandfather was Giovanni Betti/Bett/Bet (the son of Paolo Bet and Anna Riva/Arriva). Giovanni was born in Italy. Paolo was the son of Andrea Bet and Teresa Alpago, who were from Treviso, Veneto. Anna was the daughter of Giuseppe Riva.

Paulo’s paternal grandmother was named Santa Favrette/Favretto (the daughter of Giovanni Battista Favrette/Favretto and Anna). Santa was born in Cavolano, Sacile, province of Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

Paulo’s maternal grandfather was Giovanni Battista Fontanella (the son of Defendente Fontanella and Maria Celesta Rovaris). Giovanni was born in Mariano al Brembo, Dalmine, province of Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy. Defendente was the son of Egidio Fontanella and Cecilia Locatelli. Maria Celesta was the daughter of Angelo Rovaris and Rosa Camozzi.

Paulo’s maternal grandmother was Celestina Maffeis (the daughter of Antonio Maffeis and Teresa Gamba). Celestina was born in Ponte San Pietro, province of Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy.

Source: Genealogy of Paulo’s parents –

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  1. andrew says:

    Andrea Bet and Teresa Alpago were from Treviso, Veneto, Italy.

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