Pascale Hutton

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Place of Birth: Creston, British Columbia, Canada

Date of Birth: June 14, 1979

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Irish, Dutch, German

Pascale Hutton is a Canadian actress.

She is the daughter of Elizabeth and Ian Hutton. Her mother is American, from Michigan. She is married to Danny Dorosh, with whom she has two children.

Pascale’s maternal grandfather was John Jarvis Carson (the son of Walter Miller Carson and Florence Muriel Jarvis). John was born in Vancouver, Canada. Walter was the son of John Lovell Carson and Eliza Miller.

Pascale’s maternal grandmother was Elspeth Drummond Herbert (the daughter of William Hedenberg Herbert and Elizabeth Farrand Hamilton). Elspeth was born in Michigan. William was the son of William Herbert and Katherine/Catherine W. Drummond. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Pegram Hamilton, whose father was Scottish, and Mary McLellan Farrand.

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